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trail running shoes

The best recommendation as a walking shoe has always been the shoe designed for running. Why? Because for their manufacture, the tread studies, the technical level (both in designs and materials) for an activity as demanding and high impact as running, have made them worthy of that confidence.

And it is not just a way of speaking. I remember years ago that they asked me for advice for a march of between 50 and 60 kilometers. It was a group of administrative coworkers, who had never played sports before and had encouraged themselves to sign up for that event and were going to do it anyway. The thing is that they were in the mood to buy some hiking boots because most of the route was on dirt tracks, roads or trails. The fact is that my recommendation was not to buy hiking boots and use running shoes. Only one listened to me and the others bought sturdy “mountaineer” boots to be well protected… The one with the Running shoes went the furthest (none ended) and despite being more hours and kilometers than the others, she was the only one in the group who did not end with foot injuries.

Well, this story just makes me reaffirm thate trailrunning shoes are perhaps the best companions when it comes to hiking trails in the mountains.

They are normally prepared for practically any terrain, from the simplest to the most technical And, importantly: if at any given time we want to use them to run, be it at the same exit, or because we are achieving a physical level that encourages us to run from time to time ..., or to go straight out to run ..., or not to limit ourselves …; well they will respond.

Features such as lightness, breathability, cushioning, stability, durability, protection against the elements (both external and climatic), stability, traction, support, etc., ... have no secrets for them, hence their performance is so excellent.

Running shoes that we will also use for mountain walking

That is the objective. Because we are also going to be able to use them for the two main activities to move around the mountain: walking and running. And of course, for CACO, which is the natural way when unevenness is important and which consists of: walk on demanding terrain (such as climbs) and run or jog gently on favorable stretches (flat or downhill).

There are many people who like to go for a walk in the mountains and usually want to use the same shoes in order to be more cheerful someday. And also if you want them directly to carry out trail running sessions combined with others of just walking, here are a series of shoes that can be moved between initiation or something more advanced, but all of them leave the factory with a high level of quality .


Mizuno Wave Ibuki 3 is a trail running shoe focused on runners and runners looking for an initiation shoe with all the guarantees in terms of design and materials. Ibuki 3 is versatile and a great option if used only for walking outings or already combined with running on foot.

The cushioned midsole with Foam Wave and the excellent sole and its great grip with “X” shaped cleats, must provide comfort and safety when treading. Above, an upper made with a light and breathable mesh with AIRmesh technology, must ensure that high levels of comfort are maintained.

Whoever uses them without much pretensions in terms of sports results and yes in the comfort of use and reliability, and all at a contained price, have in this Wave Ibuki 3 a serious candidate to incorporate it into their equipment to go to the mountains. Its weight of only 330gr in men and 280gr in women is quite adequate for the profile of this model.

Mizuno Wave Ibuki 3, Men's Trail Running Shoes, Blue / Lunarrock / Forange, 46 EU


New Balance Nitrel v3 is a very light trail shoe but it will defend itself well when you are out of those domains. Although there are those who can describe it as all-terrain, I think that its main terrain should be low and medium mountains and all kinds of forests and trails ... but with all the guarantee that when you take it out of that context, it will work much better than Most trail shoes on the market thanks to their sole.

Also the midsole will allow it to be used in different situations. The truth is that New Balance has traditionally used REVlite in sneakers that were looking for lightness and performance improvement and that could be used for fast and intense workouts, even in competition, so it is surprising that it has been included in this affordable model, economically speaking.

New Balance FuelCore Nitrel V3 Ground Running Shoe (2E Width) - SS20-43

Price: € 44.79

You save: € 39.20 (47%) (47%)

The trails will undoubtedly be their best habitat. And the rhythm, speaking of those places, should be the usual one for quiet runs ... with the exception that being light and incorporating REVlite in the midsole, they will give rise to running, and fast, with it.

The official price of New Balance Nitrel v3 is only € 80.


Brooks Divide is a new model from the American brand that bets on a generous midsole for high cushioning. It is also combined with an anti-rock plate to make its use more comfortable.

The midsole of this Divide is built with BioMoGo DNA material, with high shock absorbing capacity and capable of responding more smoothly or firmerly depending on the type of ride being carried. The upper has a solid mesh that also comes with strong synthetic leather reinforcements in the toe box to protect the fingers from small impacts that occur when walking or running in the mountains, such as stones, roots or anything else to trip over. The sole uses a solid rubber with a non-slip treatment: it is TrailTack. It has generous studs that will greatly facilitate grip on any surface.

One of the things that catches the attention of Divide is the rough appearance, but it deceives because comfort is something quite careful in this new Brooks model. The drop is 8mm while the weight is 292gr in the men's finish and 261gr in the women's one.

Brooks Divide, Men's Running Shoes, Vallerta Blue Blue Nightlife, 45.5 EU
Price: € 99.08
Brooks Divide, Women's Running Shoes, Blue / Desert Flower / Gray, 40.5 EU
Price: € 79.99

The official Brooks Divide price is € 110.


ASICS Gel-Venture 7 is a very well priced trail running shoe, but one that does not renounce the majority of (good) technologies of the Japanese brand. Thus, those who want to run or walk on all kinds of routes have this great option.

And it is that it uses the famous characteristic ASICS GEL in the rear area to improve the absorption of impacts when running. The thing to improve is because the midsole already incorporates the EVA material that guarantees cushioning. The sole is built with solid rubber and with a series of more incisive lugs in the central area and more stabilizers on all sides.

Another strength of Gel-Venture 7 is the number of reinforcements in the upper cut, from a reinforced toe to a heel with buttress to stabilize through a large number of extra straps on both sides of the shoes for great support.

And how could it be otherwise with ASICS, the look is classic, and to some extent serious and elegant. The weight in the men's finish is 292gr and 238gr in the women's, in both cases the drop is 10mm.

Asics Gel-Venture 7, Walking Shoe Unisex-Adult, Peacoat / Hot Pink

Price: € 50.78

You save: € 19.17 (27%) (27%)

The official price of ASICS Gel-Venture 7 is € 70.


Adidas Terrex Agravic Trail Running is one more option within the tremendous catalog of Adidas in terms of Outdoor. But if we select it for this entry it is because it has some characteristics that make this model a very good option to make the jump from the city to the mountain, both for running, walking or combining both disciplines.

The midsole is built in an EVA-based material that allows good levels of cushioning and durability. The heights are engraved on the side of the shoe: 22mm for the heel area and 15mm in the forefoot, which gives a drop of 7mm ... but watch out! that in women it is something different, with 21mm and 14mm respectively.

Underneath, the thing still improves: the sole is built with material from the Continental brand of tires, which offers high-grip rubber on all types of surfaces. In addition, the taqueado is prominent and very separated, with what in very humid or soft atmospheres it is going to behave even better. Above, the breathable mesh incorporates reinforcements to hold the foot securely.

Another positive aspect of this Adidas model is the weight since it stays at only 315gr in the men's finish and 260gr in the women's.

adidas Terrex Agravic, Men's Mountain Racing Shoes, Tech Indigo / Core Black / Legend Ink, 43 1/3 EU
Price: € 82.99

The official price of Adidas Terrex Agravic Trail Running is € 119.95.


Altra Olympus 3 is a good argument for those who like natural Running since it is the mark of this American brand. Despite the forceful appearance of its maximalist midsole (33mm high!) It deceives to have a zero drop, that is, that the heel and the forefoot are at the same height and there is no drop between them (come on, it's as if not had a heel acting as a rise, something common in footwear). Well, not much, not a little drop: nothing.

The cushioning, yes, is maximum and also providing enough support and stability thanks to the design and materials used: EVA double layer with A-Bound ™ and InnerFlex ™ of Altra. The outsole uses Vibram® MegaGrip® that the Italian firm also serves other brands, as it is easy to see in this article. Above, a lightweight and breathable mesh ensures ventilation during use.

The weight is quite low considering the volume of the shoe, being only 283gr for men and 252gr for women.

Altra Men's Olympus 3.5 Trail Running Shoe, Green / Orange - 7 M US

Price: € 97.90

You save: € 67.05 (41%) (41%)

The official price of Altra Olympus 3 is € 155.


Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 is another model that follows maximalist midsole guidelines, that is, of generous height, but that does not penalize the weight (only 254gr in men and 209gr in women).

One of the thanks of this shoe is that it is quite versatile when it comes to using them since they can pass through almost any surface, and even defend themselves well on continuous sections of asphalt.

For this, it uses a lining with thick shapes in the midfoot area and smaller and incisive in both the heel and the forefoot. In the 5mm drop midsole we find a cushioned EVA material: CMEVA. Another feature is that it is very light. Above, the mesh is well prepared with reinforcements in all areas that allow it to breathe and the foot to be ventilated. One of the best protected is the finger area, with a heat-sealed TPU layer.

HOKA ONE One Challenger ATR 5 Sports Hommes Blue - 45 1/3 - Running / Trail
Price: € 107.90

The official price of the Hoka One One Challenger ATR is € 130.


Joma Trek, with many years of experience, is a model of the Toledo brand that responds to the forceful aspect to be used on any type of mountain trail. It has a whole battery of technological solutions that make one suspect if its very low price is wrong.

A sole made of solid rubber with enough resistance to abrasion (wear and tear, come on) incorporates a fairly aggressive and forceful lining for a good grip. Logically foresees some tacos in countergrip in the heel to work better on the descents.

In the midsole, the Phylon compound with a long history is used in high-end models, even from other rival brands, combined with Balance System, which consists of a plate that stabilizes the ankle during the transition of the tread. The drop of the midsole is 10mm.

Above, a mesh constructed of nylon and reinforced with PU inserts in the mid area, is complemented by a TPU-protected toe box and a cup that uses an EXO Counter buttress to stabilize the ankle on impact with the ground. All this equipment is reduced to a weight of 310gr in men and 265gr in women.

Joma T. Trek Gray Women's Shoes - Size 38

The official price of Joma Trek is € 50.


The Sportiva Lycan II is a full-fledged trail shoe that is good for medium and competitive levels, but what makes it attractive is that it is very versatile, which is good to use in different situations in the mountains. The weight in the masculine finish is 305gr, while in the feminine it is 270gr.

Both for roads and for rough areas, it will be a guarantee of use thanks above all to a sole that uses FriXion Blue Ultra Adherent technology that is nothing more than a compound capable of responding even in muddy or soft terrain. The design of the taqueado is in consonance with prominent elements and separated from each other to stick in the mud, if necessary.

The 6mm drop midsole is constructed with EVA material for good cushioning, while the upper mesh is reinforced with microfiber reinforcements to make it more resistant without losing breathability. Reinforced on both sides, they are inserted into the eyelets of the laces so that, when pulling them, they are firmly attached to the foot.

La Sportiva Lycan W Trail Running Shoes Black / Aqua

Price: € 72.79

You save: € 50.40 (41%) (41%)

The official price of La Sportiva Lycan II is € 119.


Nike Juniper Trail is a comfortable shoe for the border between walking and running, although it is more designed to run on any type of terrain, even stony. This is due to a very good sole that, although it uses solid rubber, is even more powerful in design, which makes using it a guarantee on any surface. The horseshoe heel area has pyramid-shaped studs. On the other hand, for the front area the taqueado favors traction in the goal area, leaving the sides to stabilize contact with the ground. Flex grooves help make the transition smoother.

The midsole uses a cushioned foam that gives way to a highly reinforced upper, both by TPU straps, by leather, and by Flywire cable (tensioned from the laces to close on the foot, holding it, at the moment of closing the loop) . The entire part of the eyelets is reinforced with heat-sealed material for durability.

The weight is quite low, just 276gr in the men's finish and 220gr in the women's one.

NIKE Juniper Trail Orange Women's Shoes - Size 40

The official price of Nike Juniper Trail is € 79.99


Salomon XA Collider is another example of a shoe that is located both for running and walking. It depends how you look it is perfect for walking and it depends how it is for running. Therefore, it fits perfectly for those who combine the two activities but also do not want to have more than one pair of shoes for each thing.

And it is that this model has a bit of everything: It is valid for any type of terrain and its use is intended for more sporadic than intensive. To do this, it uses a sole with well-defined lugs to drive with guarantees on all types of terrain. The material is ContaGrip® MD, very strong and durable.

The midsole stands out for being very comfortable thanks to the use of the EnergyCell compound, which is an EVA foam that works to cushion the impact when touching the ground, especially when running. The drop it uses is 10mm. Above, in the upper, Salomon has arranged a one-piece mesh to fit comfortably on the foot.

But it also incorporates interesting protections, such as the toe box, saving the fingers from small impacts or the heat-sealed material just above the midsole, raising the level of "flooding" of the shoe.

The total weight is 295gr in the men's model and 255gr in the women's.

Salomon XA COLLIDER, Trail Running Shoes for Men, Color: Red (Red Ocher / Black / Cherry Tomato), 45 1/3 EU
Price: € 88.45

The official price of Salomon XA Collider is € 89.99.


Scott Supertrac 2.0 is a model of the American brand that is quite focused on running but will be able to be used without problems for moments of walking. Its design allows you to get lost in any nook, regardless of the difficulty.

It uses a rubber sole capable of pulling on any surface, while the studs are prominent, quite thin and elongated, in the shape of an arrow, to pull hard forward…. This is so except for the heel, which are in countergrip to help avoid slipping on steep descents or braking on sloping areas. The upper is quite clean to look at, with a seamless mesh, but full of subtle heat-sealed material reinforcements to help support the foot well in any situation.

The midsole is generous, with 29mm in the heel area and 21mm in the forefoot area, to give a total of 8mm drop. The material used is AeroFoam +, a rebound and cushioned compound. The total weight is 320gr and 300gr in men and women respectively.

Scott Men Supertrac 2.0 GTX Walking Shoe 8 Black / Red

The official Scott Supertrac 2.0 price is € 129.95.


Chiruca Spider GTX is a model focused on Trail Running that will defend itself well in any territory thanks to its robustness. It is the heaviest model in this relationship, as it reaches 367gr in the men's finish and 254gr in its female equivalent: Chiruca Pantera GTX.

It will not be the most agile or lightest model, but it will be the most resistant both in durability and in protection to those who use them, making it ideal for aggressive environments such as stony or rocky.

It is only presented in a Gore-Tex finish which makes it a bit exclusive for cold environments or times of the year where the weather is more adverse in terms of cold or rain, wind or snow.

The midsole is built in Phylon, a material used by other brands in high-end items and with which, for example, Nike has dressed for many years models such as its famous Pegasus. Between the midsole and the sole, Chiruca inserts a stabilizing element to control the rotation of the ankle during the tread.

Chiruca-Spider GTX 09 Gore-Tex

The official price of Chiruca Spider GTX and Chiruca Pantera GTX is € 119.95.


Inov8 Terraultra G 260 is presented by the British brand as the most resistant shoe in the world and capable of covering the longest and most difficult roads. That is saying a lot, but it must be taken into account that the technological level that Inov8 always demonstrates makes us at least give it some credibility.

In fact Kevlar® is used in some parts of the upper. It is a type of polyamide, but with characteristics that make Kevlar® one of the strongest materials in the world. And it is not the only exceptional material ... Graphene is used in the sole, which is a substance that comes from pure carbon, which makes it have unusual properties in terms of durability or resistance. The cleats are well marked and have enough flex grooves to facilitate the tread.

Another unusual feature, although in this relationship it is not the only shoe, is that it uses a zero drop. This is thanks to heights of just 9mm in the heel area and 9mm in the forefoot. Since the finish is unisex, it is the same weight for men and women: Only 260gr.

Inov8 Terraultra G260 Ground Running Shoe - SS19-45

Price: € 141.90

You save: € 34.05 (19%) (19%)

Inov8 Terraultra 260 Women's Ground Running Shoe - 42.5

Price: € 67.19

You save: € 67.20 (50%) (fifty %)

The official price of Inov8 Terraultra G 260 is € 165.

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