News : Wanders, voiced by Cheptegei in Monaco, justifies his hit

News :

Wanders, voiced by Cheptegei in Monaco, justifies his hit

Wanders congratulates Cheptegei on the Monaco record

Despite being one of the longest-running long-distance runners in Europe and having under his belt several records from the old continent at just 24 years of age, Julien Wanders was the worst athlete on the track at the Louis II stadium in Monaco last day 14. The Swiss decided to go to Iten five years ago to learn from the Kenyan school. Since then, he has spent most of his time in the mecca of world long-distance athletics and has achieved a steady sporting progression that has led him this year to achieve the European record for half marathon (59min 13s) and the world record for 5km on the road (13min 29sec).

Julien, who has stayed in Kenya (there he resides with his partner) during the entire confinement training, attended the appointment in the Principality with high expectations and with a better mark in the distance of 13:13:84 achieved a little more than a year in Lausanne, on his land. But from the beginning things did not work out for him, he never caught the rhythm of the leading group and even ended up bent by Joshua Cheptegei on the Ugandan's path to the World Record. In fact, there is a significant video of Wanders cheering him on as he passes him on that final stretch to the world record. In fact, Joshua took one minute and 14 seconds out of the Swiss.

Self-criticism message

In a 'post' published on Instagram, the Swiss criticizes himself and tries to justify his poor performance (he entered the finish line last with a discreet mark of 13:49:85. Without going any further, the Spanish Ouassim Oumaiz took the Swiss out of the cold 36 seconds.

“I want to congratulate @joshuacheptegei for his incredible performance yesterday. He posted a WR and he succeeded, and I know the hard work behind it. For my part, it was a disappointing performance and early in the race I realized that my body was not responding. Sometimes you work hard for months and you don't get the expected performance and sometimes you break a WR. This is what makes our sport so difficult and beautiful at the same time. I got back to training starting today and I hope to have a few more opportunities to run well on the track this year. Thank you all for your support in this difficult time and thank you @diamondleaguemonaco for organizing this test! "

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