News : “Wanting to earn money fast is what is making them dope”

News : “Wanting to earn money fast is what is making them dope”

Ethiopia is ‘stained’ by the shadow of doping for years

The problem with doping continues to be a major concern in the world of athletics. Every year, every month New names join the Athletics Integrity Unit blacklist. And the truth is that a good part of them come from African countries, with Kenya and Ethiopia in the TOP.

In this context, the first Ethiopian woman to achieve an Olympic gold (in Barcelona’92 in the 10,000 meters), Derartu Tulu, has made reference to this phenomenon already why so many of your compatriots are betting on the traps, especially at such young ages. Ethiopia is one of seven countries currently listed as a Category A nation by the UAI, which means it is considered to have a higher risk of doping than others.

Too within reach

After being named president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation last December, Tulu sees restoring her country’s athletic reputation as her top commitment. According to World Athletics reports, doping substances are too accessible in Addis Ababa, the country’s capital. Following its inclusion on the Category A list, the EAF launched a major education program among young athletes to warn them of the dangers of doping.

“In our time, we used to compete fair,” Tulu told The Daily Nation during the recent World U-20 Athletics Championships in Nairobi. “Sheer talent led us to victory, and it was a healthy competition, but today the desire to earn quick money pushes athletes to use drugs. That’s why you see an athlete doing well for a short time before disappearing after a few years. “

Tulu’s first Olympic victory in Barcelona became a Games legend when she beat Elena Meyer in an iconic career in South Africa’s first appearance at the Games since the end of apartheid.

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