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Water Polo - Hagen Stamm, the great over-father - Sport

Hagen Stamm had resigned as national coach. He was persuaded again - and creates with his team in the World Cup quarter-final despite losing a sensation against the world champion.

From Claudio Catuogno, Gwangju

The day before the big game, the water polo national coach Hagen Stamm, 59, is sitting in a plastic chair next to the pool of the Yeomju Gymnasium in Gwangju and is currently talking about the training science connection between beer drinking and World Cup victories, as the Croatians are being brandished from the locker room , the current world champions and opponents of the Germans on Tuesday in the World Cup quarter-finals. Stamm sees Ivica Tucak, the coach, and even before they greet each other, Stamm already has a spell on his lips. Well, he exclaims to Tucak: "Are you a bit afraid of Germany?"

The Croats? Afraid of Germany? Big laughter at the training pool.

Nobody was afraid of the German water polo players until recently. Two Olympic Games and two World Championships took place without them. And were not they recently cleared by the Croats 22:10? Did not they lose at the European Championships 1:14 against Italy? Yes everything correct. However, Ivica Tucak may also have noticed that Stamm's squad earned a respectable 7: 8 against Italy this time in the preliminary round of the World Cup. "He should think about it now," says Stamm as Tucak strolls away. You have to get into the minds of the people - that's on many levels until today the secret of success of Hagen Stamm.


"That this one is swimming is a joke"

Germany's athletes support the protest of Australian Mack Horton against Chinese swimmer Sun Yang. DSV team spokesman Jacob Heidtmann appeals to the World Federation.By Claudio Catuogno

"A German team must always balance their deficits with cunning and motivation."

Come into the heads, he can like no other. And if you are wondering how he got it, this revival of the water polo players exactly to the World Cup in South Korea, you can talk to Hagen tribe, for example, about beer drinking.

In front of him on the tiles lie his players and work the muscles concentrated with fascia rolls, professional athletes, that already. Only: The athletic village in Gwangju is a sterile bed castle, "as comfortable as a nail board", in the morning Stamm's men strike the butter with a plastic fork on the toast, because knives are not available. Since it requires the common sense of coaching, sometimes to provide variety. And after the Germans were even prematurely qualified for the knockout round and there was an absolute outsider in South Africa, Stamm has just begun to talk about beer.

He had already considered flying with the boys "to drink beer to Hong Kong," he announced, but that was a joke and secondly not necessary. In Gwangju "a beer festival is taking place right now," they were together. It was a funny evening. By 10 pm, however, he was already finished again.

In order to get the water ball back in the heads of the people, it is not enough to tell them about perspective cadres and target agreements, which was always part of the program at Stamm. When the World Cup qualifying tournament took place in Berlin in September, Stamm pledged his promise of an appealing home backdrop that "in light of its attractive players, the hall would normally be full of marriageable women." Where trunk is, is operation, that's how it is, and where is operation, since no DOSB and no DSV can come up with the idea to let the water polo glide into insignificance, right?

Of course, the Germans did not harm their trip to the beer festival. The 25-5 against South Africa was her biggest win in World Cup history. Even that team, with the tribe 1984 won the bronze medal in Los Angeles so far the only Olympic medal for the German water polo, did not get such a result at that time.

And now? "Two more victories to the Vice World Champion, then we have qualified here for the Olympics," says Stamm. That was on Monday. Again ironically meant, of course. Where: Do you know? Hello World Champion Croatia, a bit afraid of Germany?

The answer then one day later: And whether! Until the last minutes the Germans held the quarter-finals exciting, from an interim 3: 7 brought them to 7: 7, "the Croats were nervous today," said Hagen Stamm after the game. 8:10 the Germans finally had to defeat the World Champion. And yet: "Of course I'm sad, but everyone who saw it today will say: That was a sensation," Stamm said. "Actually, I'm really proud."

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