News : Water polo: Two goals per minute – Hungary celebrate 64-0 victory at World Cup

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Water polo: Two goals per minute - Hungary celebrate 64-0 victory at World Cup

The water-ballerinas from Hungary and South Korea have secured a place in the World Cup history. In the World Cup preliminary round, the Hungarians won against hosts South Korea 64: 0 (16: 0, 18: 0, 16: 0, 14: 0). It was the highest victory in the history of swimming world championships.

After two minutes it was already 0: 5 for the two-time world champion (1994, 2005). Since a water polo game lasts four times eight minutes, the Hungarians met on average twice a minute. To date, the 38: 1 of Hungary's men against Croatia in 1994 had been the highest World Cup victory.

"We said after the match that we'll do better next time," said South Korea player Song Ye-Seo: "We are a team that needs to grow up, but it was an honor to go up against a team that we have only seen on YouTube so far. "

Only a single throw on the gate

It was an unequal duel: While water polo is a popular sport in Hungary, the World Cup host only one month ago put together a team for the tournament. It is made up of former swimmers born all but 2000, or captain and keeper Oh Hee-Ji, who is 23 years old.

Physically, the Koreans were so inferior that they hardly brought the ball to the teammate. The 18-year-old song made the only throw on the Hungarian goal in the first quarter. Oh and her substitute Kim Min-Ju only fought three throws throughout the game on the other side.

It was not the first high victory at the World Championships in South Korea. On Sunday, the Dutch women had defeated South Africa 33: 0. The USA players enjoyed a 22: 3 win against New Zealand.

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