News : We are premiering! BICIO “0% Emission and 100% Emotion” arrives

News : We are premiering! BICIO “0% Emission and 100% Emotion” arrives


Today we kick off BICIO, a new reference portal for cyclists looking for a space in which to connect, interact and share content related to the sport of two wheels.

Hand in hand with the newspaper SPORT BICIO is born where you will find all kinds of content related to the world of cycling: bicycles, equipment, news, nutrition, physical preparation, trends, news, opinion and much more.

All this from the experience of a team with thousands of kilometers traveled both by bicycle and in the online world. Enough baggage to give life to the 100% cyclist brother of La Bolsa el Corredor-SPORT.

We live with great passion everything that surrounds cycling and our main objective will be none other than to convey through this proposal how magnificent this pedal can be.

“0% Emission and 100% Emotion”

A phrase that we love and that integrates all cycling profiles. From the recently started cyclist looking for advice on mechanics or the first guidelines for their training plan to the amateur cyclist or semi-professional cyclist who comes to us in search of personalized advice for the purchase of equipment or physical preparation. All this without giving up urban cycling, cycling as a sustainable means of transport or the growing world of electric bicycles.

All this and much more will have a place in BICIO!

As Albert Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep the balance you have to keep moving forward “

We wait for you at

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