News : "We don't know when we are going to get infected"

News :

"We don't know when we are going to get infected"

Juanmi Moreno, athlete and SEM nurse

It is a crude but direct testimony. A late athlete who has personal marks as respectable and worked as 1:07:55 in half marathon and 2:21:58 in marathon. All based on sacrifice and tenacity and finding holes where there are none. Because it is not professional. He is engaged in something else. To a profession that these days is living its most arduous and dramatic days.

Training to forget the harsh routine

Juanmi Moreno is a nurse at the Emergency Medical Service He and his wife Montse. They share a passion that has almost turned into hell. They have been working piece by day, working more hours than a clock, facing extreme situations, living with death and desolation every day. Because despite the fact that many of us are confined at home and try to cope with this in the best way, waiting for the storm to weather, our toilets who are in the front line of battle must deal day after day with a harsh reality that they take home. There is no way to disconnect.

Free your mind a little

In the Stock Market of the Broker we have had a chat with Juanmi and he has told us hard things. To more than one He has given us a reality ‘‘ slap ’of those that leave you shivering and like a piquillo pepper. The 'trenches' are terrible. He is used to seeing everything, but what is happening this time goes beyond any limit lived so far. Obviously we asked him about training. They are helping him to "free" his mind from all this barbarism. In fact, you are stronger and more engaged than ever with your home exercise routine.

A late explosion

He began to take all of this ‘running’ seriously from the age of 30. A reputed elite like Jaume Leiva guided him and made him hook to the point that he would not understand his life without running and without triathlon. Now he is fighting another battle and that ‘hobbie’ has become almost an obsession to escape and forget the fucking routine at times.

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