News : "We have a wild 2021 ahead, I do not know how it can be squared"

News :

"We have a wild 2021 ahead, I do not know how it can be squared"

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Have a chat with Óscar Fernández (many will know him better from his ‘Twitter’ user @gabyandersen) is, more than anything, listening. Few people in our country (and outside of it) are so connected with current athletic events both nationally and internationally.

Too many questions

Coach in his town in Galicia, we talked with him about all the topics that can be dealt with in these moments of confinement: The possibility of the autumn marathons, the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021, the terrifying and hypercharged calendar of next yearHow it is affecting athletes and how it can affect them to be locked up so long at home, we touch on many aspects that worry and a lot in these strange weeks.

Without a doubt, how the competitions and the athletes will return to normality is one of the topics that generates the most anxiety and that more side effects may have in the immediate future. "Athletes, athletes, secrete a series of hormones when they train outside and in their usual places or facilities that they do not secrete locked up in their homes. Obviously, this will have an effect and will cause damage; A return to routine will not be easy for most of them, especially for those who have been locked in smaller spaces. ”

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