News : We will be able to run again from May 2!

News :

We will be able to run again from May 2!

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The most anticipated news has finally arrived. And in the mouth of the president, that it be recorded in the minutes. For weeks we had been maintaining a tough fight from all levels to let us go out to do sports outdoors. In a controlled, individual way. Just to stretch your legs, to feel the rattle, to breathe fresh air. Something that until a month and a half ago was a trifle, that we did not even value and that we now need as food.

Without going into details

Pedro Sánchez has assured that next Tuesday he will present the de-escalation plan to Congress and that in the first phase it will be possible to go out to do outdoor sports individually and for a limited time. "This second stage of transition is as fraught with risks and dangers as the first. We do not have an infallible manual ”, the president acknowledged in a telematic appearance from La Moncloa. "It is not convenient to underestimate the enemy," he insisted, putting forward the need to act "with prudence."

He did not want to give details about the conditions under which you can exercise individually or take walks with the people you live with from May 2, referring to the order that will be approved at the time by the Ministry of Health. We will closely follow the instructions and details of this long-awaited news. Everything, as always, will depend on the fact that the figures continue to improve as before.

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