News : Weak HSV loses against Sandhausen – setback in the promotion battle

News : Weak HSV loses against Sandhausen – setback in the promotion battle

2. Bundesliga, matchday 29: Weak HSV surprisingly loses against Sandhausen – setback in the promotion battle

Hamburger SV surprisingly loses at relegation candidate SV Sandhausen and suffers a severe setback in the promotion race. The HSV disappointed with a very poor performance and must now tremble again about the declared season goal of “promotion”.

SV Sandhausen – Hamburger SV 2: 1 (0: 0)

Gates: 1: 0 Ambrosius (ET, 46th), 2: 0 Keita-Ruel (52nd), 2: 1 Wintzheimer

Sandhausen: Kapino – Diekmeier, Nauber, Kister (73rd Paurevic), Schirow, Nartey (73rd Contento) – Zenga (73rd Bachmann), E. Taffertshofer – Biada (80th Linsmayer) – K. Behrens, Keita-Ruel (73rd Edible wine)

HSV: Ulreich – Gyamerah (63rd Wintzheimer), Heyer (84th Meißner), Ambrosius – Vagnoman, Kinsombi (84th Dudziak), Hunt, Leibold – Jatta (15th Onana), Terodde, Kittel (84th Narey)

The essentials in brief: Hamburger SV suffered the next serious setback in the promotion race of the 2nd Bundesliga. Due to a long disappointing performance, HSV lost the catch-up game against relegation candidate SV Sandhausen deserved 1: 2 (0: 0) on Thursday evening. An own goal by Stephan Ambrosius (46th minute) initiated the second Hamburg defeat in a row, Daniel Keita-Ruel (52nd) followed up for Sandhausen. Manuel Wintzheimer’s goal (76th) came too late.

With five games left, coach Daniel Thioune’s team is four points behind a direct promotion rank. The SVS, which was recently in quarantine for two weeks due to several corona cases, advanced to the relegation place due to the success.

Sandhausen – HSV: The game in the live ticker for reading

10:23 p.m.: End in Sandhausen!

90th + 4 minutes: Ulreich is one of the frontrunners and even gets a header … but he’s not a monster. Over it!

90th + 4 minutes: There is still a corner for HSV …

90th + 2 minutes: Narey hits the ball up into the box, but only goalkeeper Kapino is there. Is there anything else coming?

90th minute: There is a follow-up for four minutes.

88th minute: They still get their chances! Narey plays the ball sharply in front of the goal, where Terodde is approaching. However, he does not bring the playground equipment onto the goal.

87th minute: Free kick for HSV from the right half-field, but every attack misses the ball in front of the goal.

84th minute: Triple change from Thioune. Dudziak, Meißner and Narey come, Kinsombi, Kittel and Heyer leave.

83rd minute: Almost 3: 1 after Sandhausen! A cross from the right hops to the incoming Linsmayer. But he criminally forgives the super chance. The margin from Contento then passes.

80th minute: Linsmayer comes for Biady, the last change for SVS.

HSV shortened in Sandhausen

77th minute: How much is HSV throwing forward now? Even a draw is not enough in the promotion race.

76th minute: TOOOR! After a kick, the ball comes back immediately, Kinsombi conquered, Terodde served and Wintzheimer enforced. Important goal!

75th minute: Now Wintzheimer gets the ball surprisingly in the penalty area, but has to take it directly. But he stops the ball and is blocked.

73rd minute: Large interchangeable block from Kleppinger. Four fresh players come onto the field. Esswein, Contento, Paurevic and Bachmann replace Kister, Nartey, Zenga and Keita-Ruel.

71st minute: Hard boarding by Onana versus Biada. But he sees yellow.

68th Minute: Out of nowhere, the big chance to hit the next goal! Leibold hits the ball in front of the goal, where Terodde unexpectedly stands all alone. However, he does not take the ball well and cannot overcome Kapino with his degree. He usually does that.

65th minute: The red trousers only have more parts of the game, but no good combinations can be seen yet. Hardly any chances for HSV.

63rd minute: Thioune reacts and brings Wintzheimer for Gyamerah. An offensive move.

60th minute: More is coming from HSV now, but it’s still much too cramped.

Sandhausen with a double blow after the break, next HSV drama looms

53rd minute: The tour is well deserved even at high altitudes! The HSV plays horrific, you don’t get promoted like that.

52nd minute: TOOOR! Kister plays a fantastic ball on Nartey, who immediately puts it in the middle. Keita-Ruel gets in and makes it 2-0!

50th minute: The HSV now has to answer. A first attempt by Onana, but his shot is deflected for a corner.

48th minute: And they just keep going. Biada hits a free kick sharply in front of the goal, where Behrens just misses. But he was also on the sidelines.

46th minute: TOOOR! Not played for 30 seconds, as Ambrosius heads a Biada flank unhindered into his own goal. Madness!

9:34 p.m.: Let’s go on! No change to break.

9:28 p.m .: HSV sports director Michael Mutzel gives Sky the all-clear for Jatta. According to the circumstances, he is doing well, but is still a bit dazed.

9.20 p.m .: Very weak performance of HSV in round one. The relegation candidate Sandhausen dominates the promotion aspirants at will. Only the goal did not want to fall for the SVS. If it continues like this, it is only a matter of time.

Sandhausen – HSV: First half for reading

9:19 p.m .: break in Sandhausen.

45th minute: Taffertshofer sets the end of the half-time with his shot. Too unplaced, Ulreich can parry.

45th minute: Three minutes of stoppage time.

44th minute: Next press ball that lands with the home side. Behrens pokes the ball over to the free Biada, who, however, closes too hastily with his head.

42nd minute: There is a free kick for the SVS at the opposing corner flag. Biada tries directly, but misses the goal with his powerful shot.

40th minute: 10: 1 shots on goal for Sandhausen, that speaks a clear language. The tour is long overdue. HSV is making a weak game.

Sandhausen dominates HSV

36th minute: A throw-in like a corner from Nauber! At the first post, Keita-Ruel comes to the end with a dangerous touchdown, but Ulreich steers him over the bar.

35th minute: The home team remains the better and more active team! Diekmeier puts Vagnoman under pressure and suddenly has a lot of space in front of him after the press ball. But Ulreich is careful and is quickly out of his box.

33rd minute: Another good chance for Sandhausen! After a good cross, however, first Keita-Ruel and then Biada are stopped at the right moment when finishing in the penalty area.

28th minute: The home side’s efforts have flattened a little. HSV has the game largely under control, but misses the train to the goal.

23rd minute: Sandhausen makes the better impression so far. There is also a lot going on for SV today. The club is in acute danger of relegation. So far they have accepted the fight.

19th minute: First chance for HSV! Kittel undermines a back pass from Kister. But then the angle is too acute and Kapino spreads out. Kittel fails at the goalkeeper.

17th minute: And again the SVS! Ingenious ball from Diekmeier to the top, where Behrens is decisively disturbed by Ambrosius in front of the goal and thus does not get the ball on goal.

Shot Jatta in the face from a few yards

15th minute: HSV was outnumbered for a few minutes, now Onana is ready and is on the field.

13th minute: Jatta is now back but is still substituted. Onana should come.

9th minute: The game is currently interrupted because Jatta from Biada hits the ball with full force in the face from close range. The hamburger immediately sags to the ground and needs treatment.

5th minute: First really good chance for the home side! Nartey dribbles to the baseline and then lays across on Keita-Ruel. Heyer throws himself into the conclusion and prevents the early goal.

8.30 p.m .: kick-off!

Welcome to FOCUS Online’s live ticker. Hamburger SV is under tremendous pressure. Only with a win at the relegation candidate SV Sandhausen can the third in the table keep up with the top duo of the 2nd Bundesliga.

With one more completed game, VfL Bochum (57 points) and SpVgg Greuther Fürth (54) lead the table in front of HSV (50), who would come up to one point on the Fürth with the targeted three.

HSV coach Daniel Thioune traveled to Sandhausen with his entire squad. Because the Hamburg entourage will stay in the south of the republic because the North Germans will be performing at Jahn Regensburg on Sunday (1.30 p.m. / Sky).

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