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Weight bar to train at home which one to choose?

The bar is a training equipment widely used in fitness rooms and, more and more often, in our homes. It is one of the most effective elements to gain muscle mass and strength throughout the body, without a doubt, a recommended element to perform routines in these days of confinement

In today's article we will introduce you to the different bar types to train in the gym or in your own home and exercises to work with them.

What is a barbell

It consists of a metal bar to which weights are attached, usually in the form of discs. These have a size between 1.2 and 2.2 meters and its diameter can vary, but most commonly it is close to 2.5 cm. The most common are those of 150, 180 and 220 centimeters.

The discs have a central hole through which the bar slides, to form a weight of the size you want to work with.

The bar incorporates two stops at the ends that prevent the discs from sliding along its entire length. Once located in position, they are usually fixed adding a ring, clamp or metal collar at each end, that prevents them from sliding off the bar during exercise.

The action of attaching the discs to the bar is colloquially known as loading. By extension, the total weight of the bar plus the discs is called the loaded weight.

Bar types

Straight bars:

There are two types, the olympic bar Y the non-olympic straight bar. They are probably the best known, as their names indicate, they are straight bars with a length of 120 to 220cm and a weight that ranges from 8 to 20Kg.

You can differentiate them by the ends, the Olympic bars have rotating sleeves to facilitate exercises in which it is important that the discs rotate freely and lifting is not difficult.

The size is adapted to the use we want to give to the bar, exercises with a narrow grip like the bicep curl require small bars, while wide grip exercises like the bench press require long bars.

Some examples of what we find in the market on this type of bar:

C.P.Sports - Set of 180 cm long bar and 30 mm discs, 25 kg - 124 kg, includes 30 mm quick releases, SZ curl bar, dumbbells, long dumbbells, short dumbbells
C.P.CP Sports - 30 mm weight training bars. Includes long bar, short bar, z bar or curved closure, chrome and knurled., Hantelstange 180cm - Schnellverschluß

If you decide to buy the bar, without the weights, you can always buy discs from 0.5kg to 15kg per unit as you progress with the loads:

Olympic C.P.Sports Weight discs 50mm as pairs - cast or gummed iron, 0.5kg - 30kg with hole handle for weight lifting, 1 pair of rubber cast discs, size 2.5kg

In this video you can see some of the multiple uses of straight bars:

Z bar or curved bar and triceps bar:

Also called a Curl Bar, a bar you may have seen in gyms and fitness rooms, but what are they? What are they for? The curved, Z-shaped bar is a bar designed to train the upper arms, especially the biceps.

It has a "w" shape, a zigzag, hence it is also called a bar w. The curved shape allows a comfortable grip, even for complex exercises. With this option of barbell the wrists do not suffer as much doing the biceps curl and thus we reduce the risk of injuries and overloads on the forearms. These curved bars have a weight of no more than 11 kilos and are shorter than the straight bar.

The calls triceps bars will allow you to work in more specific ways this muscle group and perform front elevations and shoulder press among others.

C.P. Sports Triceps Bar (50mm, with Quick Release) Triceps Pump.

Some of the exercises that can be done with these triceps bars:

Door dominated bars:

The dominated bars for the door or extendable pull-up bar They are the ideal option to practice exercise at home. They are characterized by their extendable clamping system and non-slip sponge handles. It is located between the ends of the frame, adapting to its dimensions.

Jjsm - Telescopic pull-up bar with hand cushion, 100 cm / 300 kg maximum, no screws required, the door bar, ideal for pull-up training

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