News : Well roared against the lions – sport

News : Well roared against the lions – sport

The greatest cheers in the Eversbuschhalle came just under ten minutes before the end. Tomislav Vistica, the second goalkeeper of the A-youth handball team at TSV Allach, had only just got into the game and was still clapping the goal frame – a ritual widespread among handball goalkeepers – when the first opposing attack was rolling towards him. Vistica reacted with presence of mind and parried the throw spectacularly. Everyone from the Allacher Bank jumped up, shouting, and threw up their fists. If an uninvolved observer had entered the hall at that moment, he would have had to assume that the hosts are well on their way to the semi-finals for the German championship.

On the contrary, it was already clear at this point that the TSV team would also lose the second quarter-final game against the offspring of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, in the end with 20:38 goals. The Munich team were inferior to their opponents in almost all respects, especially the physical differences were enormous. And the young lions would have led to the top if Louis Oberosler hadn’t shown himself again in gala form in his farewell game. The Allach goalkeeper saved a total of 15, partly completely free, lion degrees and was the outstanding player. “That confirmed that Louis is the best goalkeeper of his year in Bavaria,” praised his coach Andreas Krauss once again.

The young followers in the team convince with good performance

But Krauss was again satisfied with the performance of his remaining protégés, despite the clear defeat. After all, in the absence of some top performers, young followers had the chance to prove themselves and be convinced. “They have shown that you can trust them. It is inevitable that some of them were overwhelmed, but they should learn from that,” said Krauss.

The mood was therefore relaxed regardless of the score, and the scene described at the beginning made it clear what spirit reigns in this team. Because it was also the last game in the A-youth for the substitute goalkeeper Vistica, which became even more important because he had a corona illness behind him. The Allacher Bank’s great joy over Vistica’s brilliant parade was a sign of appreciation for the recovered team-mate. “The boys work together, they are happy together and sometimes go under together,” said Krauss. “We want team players because we can still only be successful through a collective.” And they were successful this season. It should be mentioned again: For the first time, a male youth handball player from Munich made it to the quarter-finals of the German championship.

The goal for the future is to play permanently in the Bundesliga

After the game, the technical director Alexander Friedl said goodbye to eleven of these Allach team players from the 2002 class, who are now making the step into senior handball. Their appreciation was as solemn as it is possible in a hall that is largely empty due to Corona. “It’s sad that they couldn’t get the applause they deserved,” said Krauss with regret. But of course that fits into the picture of an extremely complicated season due to the general conditions.

Replacing these players and re-forming a unit that can be competitive next season will be Krauss’ task. In any case, there is no shortage of talent in the Allach offspring. Some of the B-youth, who also qualified for the German championship last weekend, have already found their place in the A-youth. “We won’t play for the championship in the future either,” said Krauss. With the move into the quarter-finals, the maximum was reached for the moment, because “we are, quite simply, still the amateurs”. Keeping the A-youth permanently in the Bundesliga, with talents from the Munich area, that is the big goal. And when future vintages are bid farewell to frenetic applause, all the more beautiful.

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