News : what are they for, how to use them and where to buy

News :

what are they for, how to use them and where to buy

elastic tapes

The elastic bands or rubber bands They have become one of the most popular gadgets in recent weeks, an essential tool for our home gyms. In the same way that the medicine balls We are talking about very simple materials to use that will allow you to tone, strengthen and stretch your body at different intensities, and the best of these tools at very affordable prices!

Let's talk about one of the most used products in injury prevention, rehabilitation, arm work, shoulders, abdominals, back, chest, buttock ... etc, without a doubt few gym gadgets will give you so much for so little. A material that will help you work endurance, strength and burn calories easily and safely.

This utensil is neither more nor less than a rubber band that offers resistance to our body, the exercises are performed by stretching it and in this way we work the muscles that interest us.

These are some of the advantages and benefits of training with elastic bands:

  • Ideal for training at home
  • Matter aimed at topo type of levels
  • Allows to work all muscle groups
  • Fun sessions to break the monotony
  • Easy to transport

Rubber bands: which ones to use and which exercises to do

Elastic bands

There is different types of elastic bands with various levels of resistance. This degree of resistance will depend on the hardness of the material, the stiffer the rubber, the greater the resistance and the force that must be used to stretch it. The colors will indicate the hardness of the rubber.

In this case we selected the Intey model, four good quality latex elastic bands and very highly valued by users for their strength and durability.

INTEY Resistance Bands, 4pcs Elastic Fitness Bands, Natural Latex, for Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, Bodybuilding
Price: € 37.99

One of the great recommendations that we can make to you when using the resistance band is that you execute the movements slowly and slowly.

In this video you can see a selection of exercises to do with elastic bands:

Mini bands

As its name suggests, these are small, very resistant latex bands that are used to perform exercises for both the upper and lower body. Shorter than the previous ones we will use them to perform dynamic warm-ups, lateral steps, abductors, hip lifts, leg extensions and balances among other exercises. Mini bands are also very suitable to enhance the buttocks.

Gritin Fitness Elastic Bands / Resistance Bands, (Set of 5) Resistance Elastic Bands Made of Natural Latex and Skin-friendly with Storage Bag
Price: € 16.99

In this video you will find different exercises to work with the mini bands:

Elastic bands with handles and anklets

The elastic bands with Handles differ from the previous ones by the comfort of the grip when executing the exercises. Highly recommended for practicing upper body exercises, that is, arms, shoulders and abdomen

The elastic bands with anklets They are special for leg exercises since their grip is specifically for the legs, either at the ankles or above. In this way, we will focus directly on the exercise without worrying about the support.

This set of elastic bands has 5 different resistance rubbers, 2 non-slip foam handles, 1 door anchor and two anklets. In addition, the ropes have a carabiner on the ends to connect any of the elements.

Set of Resistance Bands Yoyika 11 Pieces with 5 Elastic Bands for Physical Exercises Fitness Training Crossfit, Set of Elastic Bands for Gym / Home, Includes Transport Bag

Here you can see some abdominal work exercises with elastic bands with handles:

In summary, elastic bands are a very good option to evolve little by little but above all to start with new movements that would otherwise be more difficult to perform. You can start exercising with these bands and as you gain balance and control make the move to the weights. Although it is also true that many athletes end up forgetting about the weights when they see the great results that training with elastic bands gives them.

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