News : What does a Personal Trainer or Personal Trainer do?

News : What does a Personal Trainer or Personal Trainer do?

Hello to all the friends of the Broker Stock Exchange. Today, in the fitness section we want to show you the tasks of a personal trainer or personal trainer. Therefore we are going to count the functions main and the benefits that The hiring of a personal trainer can help you. Is this service really worth paying for? How do I go about choosing a personal trainer?

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a person who is at the disposal of whoever hires his services to achieve the goal of improving your fitness. A personal trainer will work individually with the user, accompanying you in exercise sessions and individually planning training sessions.

Generally, this close relationship causes a higher affinity which will lead to greater motivation and confidence of the user to achieve their personal goals. He personal trainer will be in charge of designing and coordinating all the way to go until these objectives are achieved. He personal trainer must structure and recommend a healthy physical activity without risk of injury

Do i need a personal trainer?

Have a personal trainer It is highly recommended for those users who have just started or with few notions of routines and training plans. Likewise a personal trainer It is also designed for those initiated who want to improve their fitness or regain physical condition after an injury.

Currently, most sports centers in Spain have a personal trainer at the customer’s service. Ideally, personal trainers should be Graduates in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports or that they were in possession of a specific title for the sport that they plan.

The subject of training is very important since during sports activity and in personal training physical, physiological, neuromotor, nutritional factors, etc. intervene. It is convenient to find a trained personal trainer and prepared to do a professional job. In these times where posturing in the networks is the first order of the day, you must be very careful when choosing a personal trainer. Not all that glitters is gold!

What to look for in a personal trainer?

As we have seen, everyone who plays sports should get hold of the services of a personal trainer. Individual sports such as running, cycling, triathlon, fitness or swimming are especially attractive in this regard.

The main demands of athletes who go to a personal trainer are the improved fitness, weight loss (a large majority), or the increased physical performance for a certain activity (increase in strength, endurance, speed, competitions of firefighters, police, etc.)

We are hardly going to find a personal trainer who is trained and trained to individualize routines in all sports. For this reason it is very important that if you practice a specific sport, you look for sports coaches for that area. . Other clients are looking for personal trainers for gym, running, yoga, pilates or swimming.

Personal trainer in Madrid and Barcelona

Unfortunately in towns and small cities it is difficult to find a good offer of personal trainer. However, in large cities the catalog of personal trainers is much more extensive.

Find personal trainer in Madrid too easy. There are a large number of sports centers and freelancers that offer this service.

Now if you find a personal trainer in Madrid it’s easy, finding a GOOD coach is very difficult. You should look for someone who, in addition to being trained and qualified to plan a specific sporting activity, is attentive and capable of individualize and adapt training sessions according to needs.

Unforeseen events continually come out. A good personal trainer must be trained to respond effectively to all these circumstances. Madrid is very big and you must flee from everything that is impersonal treatment. Reject all the trainers who create routines based on “Copy paste” and look for someone who inspires you trust and who is always willing to listen to your concerns to give you feedback. The personal trainer will sometimes end up being your psychologist and your friend.

With all of the above, I am not trying to burden myself with low cost personal trainers nor to the entire community of personal trainer online in Madrid. Price is important, but the most expensive does not always translate into the best. The global factor count will be the one that will end up making the difference. We have very good references from Estudio LIFE and its services that you can see in the following link personal trainer in Madrid.

Something very similar happens when you search personal trainer in Barcelona. The offer is huge and the excessive publicity sometimes makes it difficult to hire a good personal trainer. Before hiring the services of a personal trainer I recommend that you make an appointment with him and that whenever you can, talk to one of his clients. User opinion and ratings are very important when making a decision.

What benefits does a personal trainer bring?

  • The personal trainer can design those more suitable exercises for your client based on their objectives, your physical condition, etc. The idea is personalize all physical activity.
  • Coach avoid risk of injury in exercises. The trainer must know the correct technique and posture for each exercise.
  • Quicker obtaining of results since if the coach has to intensify the session he will do so without complexes. Individually, it is more difficult to give the maximum.
  • Greater personal motivation, due to the exclusive deal with the client.
  • Better assimilation of exercises and recovery control.
  • Avoid queues in the weight rooms to do some exercise on the machines. With a personal trainer you will make better use of the time.
  • Monotony is avoided and the boredom of certain standard routines. With the coach, the exercises will be varied and fun so there will be greater motivation and creativity.
  • It helps in self-improvement and discipline. The coach will be on D day, at H hour at the indicated point…. It is difficult to slip away and it is also usually more muscular than you!
  • Time saving. For those who are fair, the personal trainer is perfect to make the most of the class.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a personal trainer


  • It is a very profession gratifying since you help the client to improve their health, their physical condition and prevent injuries, etc.
  • If you are self-employed you set the quota for the client and the limits with which you will work and what kind of client do you want to train.
  • We live in a society in which the cult of the body is very important and more and more people looking for personal trainer.


  • Some personal trainers spend the majority of their time training other people and have little time for your own workouts.
  • There is increasing competition and a lot of labor intrusion. Anyone without specific knowledge or studies can be called a “personal trainer”, and can harm their clients due to lack of training.

Friends of La Bolsa del Corredor, many of you would prefer to go to a gym, ask for an exercise routine to tone or gain muscle mass. All this is very good, but if you really want to improve and ensure a non-harmful sporting activity, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of a qualified personal trainer.

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