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What does it feel like in the goal banner?

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There are people who don't know you at all and who, however, are able to get excited when you cross the finish line. Today we will show you, we will make you think.

I have never thought about it. He hadn't even asked anyone. Moreover, on Sunday at the Canillejas race, he didn't need to ask anyone.

But in the midst of all those people, there I saw him accompanied by loneliness, backed by silence and leaning on one of those fences what the spectators' corridors were separated from the goal banner.

And then I saw her, who, stuck in there, went from one side of the stage to the other with a camera with which she photographed life.

And then he told me. And then he told us that he had just photographed people who, even if they want to forget, cannot forget. And that when he returned home he was going to have something more to tell his two children, the oldest of 13 years and little Telmo.

But his work is like this: he also has an emotional salary.

And she is Natalia Freiré, the same woman who today quotes Social Security as a journalist for Radio Marca. The brave one who, without knowing anything about athletics, specialized in athletics. Four years ago he raised and educated a program ‘The last runner’ where emotions that end the silence are handled.

He is Miguel Centeno, a man from the Diario Sport who came to Madrid from Barcelona to cover Canillejas' career, to hug his friend José Cano and to reduce the distance between the two cities.

And, indeed, it was he who was leaning on that fence as he is in other times or in many other races. Because Miguel is responsible for sponsorship of the Sport newspaper in all those races. And he got used to traveling. And, since then, one of the routines that accompanies it is to be located next to the goal with the same calm as the one who sits to see the sea.

It is not known then if he learns music or consciousness.

I could learn even something more important: understand the ability of others to get excited or To make us feel better. And that's what I then hear Miguel say while the trophies are handed out. And it makes me think. And try that idea that I am now trying to organize: tomorrow I will write about this.

What does it feel under the goal banner?

And he, Miguel Centeno, is a man who comes from rugby, a sport in which scars feel like a chair. But, in reality, the same happens under rugby under a goal banner.

In both cases they bring us raging or dazzling voices in which the heart makes a difference.

The heart is what prevents us from feeling alone. The one that shows that this time there are no unnecessary efforts. The one that reminds us that each story deserves to be told as Natalia Freiré will later explain, whose camera looks like a Christmas tree this time. He has not left the goal until the last runner arrived. Values ​​issue. Worship the name of your program. And in transit she won, who photographed that man who had a heart tattooed on his heart; to that father who finished at the same time as his son, or to that son who finished such a long career for the first time.

But he also photographed that woman who, as soon as she arrived, looked up and gave her a kiss to heaven that only she knows what she means. And to all those who arrived and seemed not to feel anything other than fatigue.

The same tiredness that caused one day some relative to suspect us and He even asked us, perplexed, if what we do is not a suffering that we could avoid.

What need do you have ...?

Perhaps one would then have passed Miguel Centeno's number, a guy who is still standing watching the athletes arrive, picking up his emotions. And he is the same man able to take his motorcycle in a week's holiday and get to St. Petersburg or to go with the motorhome who knows where in the summer months and find sensations that are only found when one opens one's eyes.

And that is the same man who continues in front of the goal banner, because it is about that: to open your eyes and, if you open them, you may or may not value the effort of those who raise their arms, of those who stop all hurry the clock or those who will never go down 40 minutes….

But Miguel values ​​it.

Because this does not tie: it falls in love.

And that is why, in the face of seeing others, he has already participated in races. And participated in Canillejas. And if an injury had not prevented him, he would have participated again this time.

And it could have been one of the runners who had sneaked into Natalia's chamber, that woman who, in reality, has the San Vito dance. Seeing it one understands why its origins are in the theater.

If I had not formed a family, maybe I would never have left the theater and today I would be in Valladolid or Puertollano traveling at dawn, telling emotions like all these anonymous emotions that continue to land on the finish line ...

And those are the emotions capable of representing the best of the week.

And that is what we have to value most: all these people who arrive, be it here or wherever; to all these people who are where they want to be and who do not know, or have not thought about it, that their emotions also thrill people who do not know them and with whom they may never exchange the good morning.

Until Sunday, I never stopped to think about it. That is why I had never imagined writing what I wrote or trying to answer a question that is almost impossible to answer.What does it feel like to cross the finish line?, because there are so many stories ...

But, finally, we also have the right to write about the impossible. To play the glory with the keys. To thank those we do not know on behalf of Miguel Centeno, who has already returned to Barcelona. He had to be there early Monday, at the ten o'clock meeting. But it was worth coming to Madrid, hitting the car, the force of habit.

Natalia also marched happily to her house. Maybe now you are preparing the next program, looking for a soundtrack that makes a difference, doing things similar to those done in the theater.

And it does not matter that the numbers of your program do not add up or that this great sponsor does not finish appearing. Because when she asks ‘I am where I want to be,’ she answers yes. And, as if seeing Casablanca again, every day that passes remember: ‘We keep playing, friend, we keep playing.

And tomorrow he will photograph the others. Or they will photograph her under a goal banner where it doesn't matter if you win or survive, because there will always be people who do not know anything that will thank you.

That will keep your face.

And that will remind you that, in reality, that is the magic of life, the of not knowing everything that happens.

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