News : What does Primoz Roglic drink at the end of the stage?

News : What does Primoz Roglic drink at the end of the stage?

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Professional teams and cyclists are increasingly aware that the small details are what make the difference.

Today’s demand is maximum and any error, no matter how minute, can condition the result in a certain race.

In this line of work, physical trainers in the company of team assistants increasingly give more importance to recovery process. A process that begins as soon as you cross the finish line and in which, after stopping physical activity, opens the famous metabolic window.

It is common to see how at the end of the stages, especially in those in which the wear has been great, the cyclists they get on the roller for a few minutes with the intention of releasing their legs, relax the muscles, eliminate toxins and neutralize as far as possible the load of lactic acid.

This custom, which made the Sky team “fashionable”, has spread to practically the entire peloton and it is difficult to find a great leader who does not roll for a few minutes after an explosive finish.

Another image that is becoming totally common is seeing cyclists hydrate as quickly as possible. The assistants have water, sugary drinks and protein shakes so that the cyclist can start recovering as soon as possible.

Shakers are at the forefront of the day and not long ago I was talking about 3 key strategies in the recovery of the cyclist.

Well, among so much fashion in this Paris Nice a server noticed what Primoz Roglic was taking as soon as he crossed the finish line.

I was quite surprised that the Slovenian drank from a Tetrabrik. What was inside?

Investigating through the networks I realized that one of the sponsors of the Jumbo Visma is the brand “B-Better”, a company that is dedicated to marketing flavored water packed in an ecologically sustainable cardboard box.

The water in question is marketed in different flavors and is low in calories. On its website you can see 4 models aimed at satisfying different nutritional and vitamin needs.

Without a doubt, an excellent option not only to recover from a great effort, but also to continue fighting with the commitment of a professional sport sustainable from an environmental point of view.

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