News : What GPS watch to buy for less than 200 euros

News : What GPS watch to buy for less than 200 euros

Do not panic! Today we are going to be crystalline, I am not going to make you dizzy with a billion models and possibilities. I am going to leave it all very clear and chewed to avoid headaches if what you are looking for is a real working GPS watch that costs around € 200 or even a lot less.

If you like to swim in data, models, varied prices and all the possibilities of the gadget universe, visit this article in which I talk more in depth about how to choose the most suitable GPS watch for you.

Why buy a cheap GPS watch?

Because surely you will not need or use 90% of the tools that the most expensive watches offer you. Although sometimes with this technology it is very attractive to wear the last cucumber that has been released.

In any case, if you have overcome the “premium syndrome” and have decided to buy a watch that will help you train as a good running fan (or many other sports, don’t be scared) I’m going to give you some key tips and the ultimate list to choose without having to go through unsuccessful purchases that you will end up crashing against the wall as a result of frustration.

I tell you all this thinking that you want a GPS watch, and not a tracking bracelet that more or less manages the calories you burn and the steps you take daily.

Tips for buying a cheap GPS watch

  1. Value buying top brands, because in addition to the capabilities of the watch (which may seem similar in balance brands) you are also paying for the platform behind it. For example, in Garmin you have Garmin Connect or Garmin IQ for applications, in Polar you have Polar Flow, and in Suunto Suunto App and Movescount (although the latter will disappear shortly). These platforms offer you more than interesting services not only to keep track of your data, but also to schedule trainings, download applications, synchronize with social platforms, etc.
  2. Avoid the latest models because as is well known, the novelty is paid and the innovation offered at the price difference is usually not worth it. The previous models of the first brands are fully functional and reliable for a few years.
  3. Think about what sports you are going to practice with the watch before deciding. Running, cycling, swimming, gym, if you are interested in routes, smartwatch functions, etc.

With these three little things we can now jump to the list that I have prepared for you with guarantees of success 😉

What GPS watch to buy?

I have reduced and optimized this list to the maximum so that it is as easy as possible for you to choose, but if you have doubts or other curiosities arise, do not hesitate to leave your doubts in the comments. They are in order of preference and not necessarily from most expensive to cheapest. Let’s go with it!

Garmin Forerunner 735xt

I know, I know … you will say that it is a little old and such and such, but it turns out that it is an old glory that was top of the range, multisport (it covers everything you do practically) and does not have any extra expensive function like the theme payments and music. In addition, the FR 745 has just come out and fixed that it will see its price reduced even more. Now under € 200 and for less than € 250 with chest strap. Its reliability, durability and also have a very good autonomy (14h with GPS, 24 in UltraTrac mode without FC), and it weighs only 40.2 grams! Comfortable, light, durable … for me it is right now the star of the cheap. Here you have more info if you want to investigate it further, and of course here the best updated offer always.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT Multisport Watch with GPS, Integrated Heart Rate Monitor Technology, Unisex, Standalone, Black and Gray

Polar Vantage M

Another multisport watch with probably the best optical heart rate sensor on the market, and this is where Polar takes the cake. This watch is another (like almost everyone in Polar) that goes from incorporating functions that do not concern sports. Super reliable in the tests we did, light (45 grams) and with a range of no less than 30 hours with GPS and HR recording. The truth is that I don’t know why it doesn’t cost more. In this link the best updated offer, which is now around € 200, and here the video of its complete analysis.

Polar Vantage M -Watch with GPS and Heart Rate - Multisport and running programs - Water resistant, lightweight- Black Size M / L
Price: € 228.99

You save: € 50.91 (18%) (18%)

Garmin Forerruner 45

The FR 45 is actually the latest version of this series, but there are already good deals and that’s why I’m including it. It rides on the latest Garmin tracking and security features, but is otherwise as simple as the rest of this list. Good GPS, good HR sensor, light and with good autonomy. A great option for about € 150. Here more info about this piece.

Garmin Forerunner 45 / G Multisport Watch, Adult, Unisex, Black, L

Price: € 163.99

You save: € 36.00 (18%) (18%)

Forerunner 35

Here my heart is a little divided because there are those who do not like this model too much, but in the tests I did, it completely satisfied me. Just 40 euros of difference with the FR 45 and they are not so far from each other, although in appearance they are so different (round FR 45 and rectangular FR 35). FR 35: 37.5 g, 13 hours with GPS, 7 activity memory. FR 45: 36 g, 13 hours with GPS, 200 hours of activity memory and a slightly more current HR sensor. It is a very simple clock but it even supports interval programming, and is very functional. Just over € 100 are to blame on this offer. You can also see the analysis here. By the way, I do NOT recommend the Forerunner 30, it is said.

Garmin Forerunner 35- GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor on the Wrist, Activity Monitor and Smart Notifications, Black Color
Price: € 111.84

You save: € 28.15 (20%) (twenty %)

Polar Ignite

This is a watch that has gone a bit unnoticed because it has been overshadowed by the Vantage, but if you throw more for gym issues, it will be your best option alongside the Venu Sq that I put on afterwards. It weighs 35 grams, has all the GPS signals (GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS), lasts 17 hours with GPS, and has a touch screen, which if you like that is the first one that I have mentioned so far that has it. In this analysis you can see how it kicks, and it is wonderful. It is also at an unbeatable price in this offer for less than € 200.

Polar Ignite White

Polar M430

This piece could not be missing, and although it is already a little old (its new version is the Vantage M that I have put you before) it is still functional and you save almost € 100 with the Vantage M. Here it is for about € 130 but if you can afford the Vantage M it is always a better choice. eye! This M430 will serve you perfectly, but the screen is less visible, it weighs more (51 g), GPS and a more basic HR sensor and a little less exact, and 8 hours of battery life with GPS. However, if you are just starting out and do not need tremendous accuracy, believe me if I tell you that it will be more than enough. Here more info.

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch, Unisex Adult, Black, M / L
Price: € 139.00

You save: € 91.00 (40%) (40%)

Garmin Venu Sq

I put a second option for a touch screen that, although it is still almost at the starting price for being new, it comes out below € 200 and it really is a good watch. Beveled rectangular design, little brother of the impeccable Garmin Venu (first cousin of the Vivoactive 4) and that actually has its own personality. It is the least sporty watch of all those that I wear, so that you have the option of the smartwatch too. This is the version without music (with it add € 50) but it has a lot of interaction with the phone, contactless payments, etc. Also very good activity tracking with good GPS and excellent sensor (Garmin Elevate). 37.6 grams, 14 hours of autonomy with GPS, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 dial … In short, very good qualities and full functionality. If you like this smartwatch roll line I would catch this without hesitation. Here more details.

Garmin Venu Sq, Smart Watch with GPS - White and Gold
Price: € 199.99

Suunto 5

Finally, I would like to put an option with route tracking, although it goes around € 230 in this good offer. Little or nothing bad can be said about this watch with tremendous autonomy of between 20 and 40h with GPS, multisport, route tracking as I say, and a more than robust construction. Here video-review.

Suunto 5 Multisport GPS watch, unisex adult, mineral glass, stainless steel, silicone, black (all black), SS050299000
Price: € 255.95

You save: € 73.05 (22%) (22%)

Other options

I imagine that you will be evaluating the possibility of buying a watch with supposedly similar characteristics for a lower price, such as the Huawei Watch GT Sport for less than € 100, the Amazfit Stratos 2s for just over € 120 or the Amazfit T-Rex for less than € 140, or even throw at minimums of top brands, such as the Polar M200 for less than € 100. They are not terrible options, but I would always choose before any of the watches that I have placed on that list of 8.

Good luck with the choice, thanks for reading us, and buy through our links so that we can eat premium bread with seeds of all kinds. Until next time!

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