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What role does Knoll play ?: That's why Luhukay does not commit himself

Already in his first season at FC St. Pauli, Marvin Knoll has become the hoped-for performer, leader, champion and crowd pleaser.

The 28-year-old also plays a central role in the plans of the new coach Jos Luhukay. But what role in the first Eleven Knoll will fill is still unclear and depends on several factors.

He still enjoys his family vacation. Just recently he visited with Disneyland Paris with Mrs. Anna and daughter Emilia (5). On Sunday, Knoll starts the Kiez kickers in preparation for the new season, in which St. Pauli wants to play from the beginning and also to the end up.

But where does Knoll play in the future? In which position is he strongest? Or most valuable for St. Pauli? Where is he needed? Exciting questions.

Luhukay holds all options open for Knoll

Coach Jos Luhukay has not decided yet and keeps all options open - and there is plenty of that, after all, Knoll is versatile.

"It's good that he is flexible and could play in defense and in midfield," said Markus Kauczinski's successor, who had been dismissed after the 28th matchday, in the final stages of last season.

Originally Knoll had been brought to Kiezklub as a center-back and successor of Lasse Sobiech, before the start of the season himself as "modern center-back, who likes to take over the game structure" called.

In the past season, the man with the distinctive full beard and the lush body paint but then played almost exclusively in the defensive midfield, completed there 26 of his 30 league games (four goals, seven assists). In three games under Luhukay he acted at times offensive.

The coaching team has not yet decided where Knoll should play in the future. Luhukay appreciates Knoll's offensive qualities and Torgefahr, but has recently stressed: "I also imagine that he plays again central defender." That was also "depending on how the squad looks in the next season," said the coach.

What happens to Philipp Ziereis and Justin Hoogma?

For example, if Philipp Ziereis does not get on well after suffering a cruciate ligament tear, Knoll would be a logical candidate for central defense. Incidentally, this also applies in the event that it does not work with a renewed loan from Justin Hoogma, as Knoll a left foot with good player opening.

Also, the occupation of the central midfield from defensive to offensive is open, where in addition to Knoll and veteran Johannes Flum, Christopher Buchtmann, young hope Finn-Ole Becker, access Rico Benatelli for the starting places will argue. Mats Möller Daehli also prefers to play central offensively.

Hot fight for midfield places

Knoll does not have to worry. For a player of his quality and mentality is always in the first eleven place - the question is where.

This article was written by Nils Weber

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