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What to give to a cyclist? Original ideas and best offers

gifts for cyclists best offers original ideas
(Updated 12.11.2019)

If you have a cycling partner, a friend who loves cycling, or your father-in-law is your fellow ruler, you are at the right place. From the Broker's Bag we are going to clear all those doubts with 10 interesting and original ideas to give to a cyclist Surely they will help you surprise the lucky or lucky. Take advantage of the list of opportunities where we have compiled the best deals and sales of the entire market together with the best options in terms of value for money.

When the holidays indicated on the calendar arrive we often encounter the same problem: What can I give to ...? Will you like it? He will not like it? Better in red? Or better in blue? Of this brand or the other? The problems are over. As good specialists in the field I recommend that you listen to us and ensure the shot with your purchase. Gifts for cyclists and affordable for all budgets

Gifts for cyclists - Original ideas and best offers

Smartwatch / sports watch

garmin forerunner 235 offer "width =" 640 "height =" 412 "srcset =" 640w, https : // 300w, 2017/11 / garmin-forerunner-235-341x220.jpg 341w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
The garmin forerunner 235 an elegant sports watch at a really incredible price

As a general rule, cyclists like to practice any type of sports activity. We rarely say no when it comes to sweating the shirt. If you are one of these and every two for three you are involved with mountain excursions, paddle games with colleagues or at work you throw hours walking from one place to another the best gift is a smartwatch. A Smart watch that will help you monitor your daily activity and keep track of your steps, calories consumed and sleep enjoyed.

For this I recommend the Garmin forerunner 235 a watch that has been selling in large quantities for years and is currently at a irresistible price of 189 euros. The watch is perfect to keep track of sports activities but also thanks to its modern and elegant design it can be used for day to day. Sports watches are fashionable and if you are looking for something with a Great value for the price I doubt very much that you find something better than the forerunner 235. Take advantage of the 110 euros discount through the following purchase link.

If you are looking for a device with superior performance, it can be very interesting to buy the Fenix ​​5. A super-powerful sports watch that you can buy with near the 25% discount through the following link. The Fenix ​​5 is a real rocket that offers personalized logging of activities for any type of sport, optical pulse sensor and compatible with all types of smartphones. Now on your wrist you can also receive emails, whats app and other notifications.


The harsh winter arrives and with it less hours of daylight ... and you fear you can't train anymore. Rollers are the solution. Cycling inside the house. To stay active and improve are undoubtedly a great gift for any cyclist.

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Especially recommended for its low price is the Elite Nova Force reduced by almost 40% (121 euros). Its magnetic system allows us to obtain a very silent roller while maintaining a great grip and stability. You can roll on any floor without fear of disturbing the neighbors.

Here you have a wide catalog of rollers to choose from although I recommend that you take a look at our “special rollers” article.

If you are looking for a high performance roller I assure you that nothing like the Tacx Neo 2T. The best roller on the market manufactured to date with a lot of difference. In this link you can read our complete test with impressions and opinion first hand. Although it may seem silly to you Roller training is increasingly important.


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Almost indispensable element for any bike trip are good ones gloves. We find them of all kinds and suitable for all budgets. They are undoubtedly an excellent option to give for example in an invisible friend or a cycling friend. An especially interesting complement especially to combat the cold in winter.

If you really want to look good and make a great quality gift, there's nothing like good ones Gore Bike Wear gloves. The brand that created the famous concept of GoreTex It offers a wide range of models for winter. You can buy Gore Bike Wear gloves through the following link. Buy some and forget about the rest. Any cyclist knows how to assess the quality of the best brand in winter clothes and appreciate good gloves. The models serve both for MTB how to road bike.

At the recommendation level I recommend the model universal thermo from Gore Bike wear. The one that for me is the best glove on the market. Comfortable, warm and breathable. A wonderful product. You can buy it in the following link.

If your budget is tighter. You have gloves for Inbikes for just 20 euros. A functional glove with a wide range of colors and sizes.

On the other hand, another gift especially interesting to protect against cold and rain, but in this case the feet would be a shoe covers. A gift that is undoubtedly very useful and that for a relatively low price will allow us to look good with the graceful. We leave you with the model of shoe covers par excellence. Gore Bike Wear road windstopper.

If you are not convinced by any of the above (I doubt it) you can read our specific article on models of cycling gloves.

Vittoria tool holder drum

drum vittoria tool holder offer "width =" 640 "height =" 580 "srcset =" 640w, https: // 463w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
The drum holder is fashionable. A good gift at a very moderate price

If you are looking for an economical and effective gift for your next invisible friend, nothing like the Vittoria tool holder canister. Italian brand this drum has become fashionable and it is increasingly rare to see people with tools in the pockets of the jersey or with the typical backpack under the saddle. The drum is very practical and extremely useful for carrying some levers to remove the covers (removable), some CO2 cartridge or personal items such as keys, mobile phone or money. Personally I have even placed a small air pump inside the case. For just 10 euros you can get a great product to give to any cyclist during the year. A drum that does not need sizes, color choice or compatibility problems, always works and is a real life insurance. Buy a Vittoria tool canister through the following link.

Cycling clothing sets - Jersey and culotte

We all know the astronomical prices around today's sportswear and cycling jerseys and bib shorts are no exception. A good cycling set can leave you quietly for more than 150 euros, not to mention the long sets for winter that easily exceed 200. If you are tired of these prices I recommend that you take a look at the following Amazon link in which you can find cycling sets with fun designs and at a great price.

In the link you will find from professional teams jerseys (current and past) to designs with beer logos and executive designs. Pay attention to each product and some are sold only with the top (jersey) while others are sold in full. The imitation set of Movistar Team costs you less than 30 euros. A real bargain considering that the officer clearly exceeds 150. Take advantage of all the bargains by clicking here.

joint offers for cycling jersey shorts "width =" 640 "height =" 560 "srcset =" 640w , 480w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
Funny and colorful jerseys at a great price

Cycling lights

Another product clearly linked to road safety. A good light is interesting not only for those who train at night, or who with the change of time come home hurrying the last rays of sun but also to gain visibility throughout the winter where fog and bad weather make it difficult to see the cyclists. It is also a product that completely eliminates the risk of having to choose a size.

One of the best-selling cycling lights is the Apace Vision. Which I consider best option for rear light with almost 100 lumens of power. The rear light is after all the most important since it is what gives us visibility in front of the cars that want to overtake us. Its price is just 16.99 euros and although you can find other lights for cheaper bicycles, most of them will be more fragile, with less autonomy and with a much shorter lifespan. It is obviously a light compatible for both road bike and mountain bike. The product also comes with 2 silicone brackets and with the corresponding charging cable that gives us an autonomy of between 4 and 12 hours depending on the mode used (high, medium, low, slow intermittent, fast and strobe.

If you are looking for a Kit of front light and rear light nothing like the Pantala light pack. An interesting duo of quite powerful lights and with good autonomy that has been leading online sales for some time and that leaves Amazon for just 24 euros.

Finally as a last option we offer you the front light bulb Soonfire with great power and that can be used both on road bike and MTB (especially interesting). The kit comes with the focus, the charger, the external battery with the bag and all the corresponding set for a correct fixation. The installation is tremendously fast and practical. Its price is slightly higher than that of other bulbs, although it also far exceeds the quality of other Chinese and cheap bike lights We all know. For me, in relation to price quality, it is the best front focus in the market. Good autonomy, light and with the necessary power to guarantee safety.

Compex electrostimulator

compex fit 3.0 offer "width =" 640 "height =" 508 "srcset =" 640w , 529w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
The compex Fit 3.0 electrostimulator a great gift for all types of athletes

Do you have a friend, boyfriend or acquaintance who practices cycling intensively? If so, do not have the slightest doubt that one of the best gifts you can give, as long as your budget allows, is that of a electrostimulator.

In this case Compex is the great reference in the market. Personally I recommend the Compex Fit 3.0 a mid-range product with different programs that you can use for different functions. Anti-pain, recovery, rehabilitation and fitness. The 3.0 already includes the Mi-Scan function that serves to detect the optimal power for your muscles. In this way you avoid overloading the body excessively and making sure that you are doing a good job of both recovery and fitness.

For athletes I would not recommend models inferior to Compex Fit 3.0 and it is that they are models with little power that have a hard time being effective with worked muscles. You can use the compex to enjoy a relaxing, regenerative or decontracting massage. In addition the fitness functions will allow you reaffirm arms, tone muscles, strengthen abdomen or define abdolminals. With the purchase of the product come the patches and electrodes necessary for proper operation.

In addition, I personally recommend the Fit 3.0 and it is that at Amazon you can find it with a more than interesting offer reduced by 90 euros compared to its initial sale price. By clicking here you have the direct purchase link.


61pfg4cyabl-_sl1200_ "width =" 640 "height =" 640

If you want forget about being cold during winter and feel comfortable on the bike even during the coldest days A good jacket may be your solution.

As a cycling jacket we stand out for its enormous quality Gore phantom 2.0 with technology Windstopper to cope with cold, wind and rain. One of the best jackets on the market (if not the best) that becomes even more attractive when we discover its versatility, which allows through removable sleeves to move from a winter jacket to a jersey. Its Yellow Fluo color model is very attractive both for its aesthetics and for its great visibility that is transmitted in safety against drivers who want to overtake us. Take the opportunity and save more than 65 euros with the following band link.

A cheaper option of the best winter clothing brand is the Gore Power 2.0. A somewhat finer model but that maintains the Windstopper fabric that is treated with a worked soft shell that will give you an extra warmth point. You can check the price and size availability of the Gore Power 2.0 In the following link

Finally if you are looking for a basic jacket that can serve you both in your bike outings and in other activities (hiking, skiing etc) can be useful Lixada thermal jacket It is sold for 36 euros in different colors.

Do not miss our special post "best cycling jackets". In it you will find the most succulent discounts and offers

Speedometer and GPS for cycling

If you want to start keeping track of your bike trips or you have already taken a train from Strava surely you need a good odometer.

If you are tired of using the mobile as a recording system and do not want to be the “weird avis” of the rump, you have to get a doubt Garmin. Although the American brand offers all types of Gadgets and cycling devices we recommend the following:

The Garmin Edge 520 is surely the most commercialized model today. A model of ideal dimensions with a vast catalog of utilities. The model is ideal both for its autonomy, as for its enormous quality (Garmin's prestige is unquestionable) and it is impossible not to make a lucky smile. You can buy a Garmin Edge 520 Plus at an unbeatable price of 185 euros. What a savings of 115 euros.

At the same time you have the option to buy for a few euros plus the complete pack. A pack that includes in addition to the device, a cadence sensor and the heart rate tape.

Another possibility that Garmin offers for those looking a functional product, easy to use and very practical is the Garmin Edge 25. A device with the usual functions (speed, average speed, total and partial mileage, unevenness, heart rate, cadence, calories etc.) with a price of 137 euros.

A basic odometer for those who simply want to control their own activities can be the wireless YS. A basic device for only 14 euros.

Here is our detailed post of best
Odometer and GPS for cycling.


The helmet It is an indispensable element for any cyclist and when referring to security we should care a little more for everyone. Here we leave you with the best models, which combine Safety, aesthetics and lightness.

Turn It is one of the best known brands at the level of helmets and its spectacular designs are very pleasing to most cyclists. We leave you with your models for both road and mountain. At the recommendation level, we find the model very interesting for price quality Foray Twist Amazon offers us for road cycling).

Its price from 59.90 euros makes it A bargain for this Christmas. In black or gray color it is especially attractive and useful to combine with any color of equipment. Size M is ideal for most people.

While the model Phase turn It is one of our recommendations for Mountain biking. You find it also available at a great price and in different colors.

Here all the diversities of the Giro brand for both road and mountain bike.

Although if you really want to surprise with a high-end helmet, you can do it with the Kask Valegro. The helmet official of the recent winner of the Tour de France Chris Froome and of all his team. A tremendously light and comfortable helmet that can be useful in a double sense: for its quality and for its enormous safety and protection capacity in case of fall.

Peter Sagan cycling jersey

Does the name of Peter Sagan ring you? It may sound like Chinese to you but I assure you that the lucky gift will be familiar. Peter Sagan is the great reference in world cycling and as such their products are sold in bulk. Dressing in the same colors of the best cyclist in the world always feels like it and for this you will not find any offer like the one that Amazon brings you for the complete sets of the Bora-Hansgrohe team. The world champion rainbow jerseys they are available in black and white for a amazing and amazing price of 35 euros. In case you think the purchase includes the jersey and the culotte with what with this gift the cyclist will be perfectly equipped to go rolling. The garments are not official but perfectly simulate high-end products. In this purchase link in addition to the Peter Sagan jersey in different colors you can find available sets of other professional teams. Take advantage of this true offer

peter sagan bora cycling jersey offer "width =" 640 "height =" 580 "srcset =" 640w , 463w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
Peter Sagan's world champion jersey. A true design marvel


61nd-3unful-_sl1200_ "width =" 400 "height =" 400With the "Boom" of social networks, more and more cyclists want to immortalize their bike trips. For this we present different options.

The well-known Go Pro brand is the best known in this field and we allow ourselves the luxury of presenting its model Hero 2018 as one of the most interesting possibilities. For 199 euros we will be at the last and in addition to recording bike trips we can record at any other time or practicing any other sport. The Hero-session is a Lightweight, efficient and high quality camera That will help us capture each of our funniest moments.

For a tighter budget and for less than 60 euros We have another sports camera. This is the Campark camera that is reduced by almost 20%. A camera also with the new built-in 4k system and which is leader by its own merits in the online sales market.

Give him a cycling race with BikeBox

runnerbox "width =" 640 "height =" 237

If you like running races and want to get your gift right, BikeBox cyclist gift boxes are your best choice.

The operation is very simple: each box has a code valid for 2 years in more than 250 races throughout Spain. The person who receives the box can choose from a wide variety of mountain bike races and register directly through

Our recommendations are:

  • Your next cycling challenge: 1 mountain bike gift race. More than 250 races, 2 years of validity and cancellation insurance included.
  • Two races are a challenge: 2 mountain bike gift races. More than 250 races, 2 years of validity and cancellation insurance included.

Because now races don't just run, they also give away!

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