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What you should review before you go cycling

Whether you are one of the cyclists who has melted the roller during confinement or if you have left the bike in the storage room, take note of what comes next.

As of May 2, outdoor sports activity is again allowed in Spain. Although time and territorial limitations will greatly reduce our training sessions, For the first time in a month and a half, cyclists will be able to walk on asphalt and / or dirt roads with our bicycles.

Beyond recommending a progressive, responsible and respectful return to training with current regulations, I would like to leave a series of mechanical recommendations that you should take into account before going back to cover kilometers with your bicycle.

Bikes, like cars, require maintenance and no cyclist should put on their culottes without previously checking these parts of the bicycle. Beyond a matter of personal security, it is worthwhile to become aware of the situation and be clear that public health is not precisely now to serve the reckless.

“No cyclist should put on a bib without checking these parts of the bicycle beforehand. Public health is not now precisely to serve reckless "

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism clarified that the repair of bicycles with collection and delivery at home is allowed. So if you have mechanical problems, your trusted workshop will surely be happy to help you repair your bicycle.

Parts to check your bike before going out again

-Address: This part is surely the most important of all, especially if you have been rolling during confinement. Indoor cycling generates a lot of body sweating, and if you have cheered up with a “run” in Zwift, you have surely turned the floor of your house into the new municipal swimming pool.

The sweat is corrosive and without realizing it the salt will have oxidized more than one screw. It is important that you check all the steering and handlebars. More than one will be surprised when you remove the tape from the handlebar. If you have a rusty screw it would be advisable to change it, but the most important thing is that the sweat has not "eaten" the aluminum parts. Check the address conscientiously, you are not going to get an unpleasant surprise on your first outing.

-Tire condition: more than one will think that if you do not go outside the covers do not suffer any type of wear. Serious mistake. Cycling tires are made from a mixed compound that tends to will dry out over time. Lack of use is the worst in this regard, since the rubber will not have been molded for more than 45 days. Daily vibrations, cornering or simple braking are aspects that inadvertently extend the life of your tire.

In addition, if you look closely I am convinced that more than one will see an eye simply strange sticky film on top of the cover. This is accumulated sweat and could jeopardize the grip when cornering. Clean the tire with soap and water or with some non-aggressive degreasing.

-Pressure of the covers: In the line of the previous point it is important that you check the pressure of the covers. With the mandatory stop the tires will have deflated and it is time to put pressure back on. I recommend that you visit the following link to know the correct pressure for the wheels of your bicycle.

-Seat height: when we ride the roller our position on the bike is slightly altered. At the biomechanical level, specialized personnel have repeatedly recommended small nuances. The saddle height is one of the main modifications. If you want to know the correct height that corresponds to you, you can visit this article “How to adjust the seat height of your bicycle? Calculation of the ideal height ”

-Chain: Even if you do not move from place to place on the roller, you also add kilometers and the wear of the components is identical or even greater than that suffered on the outside. On the roller the chain is in constant motion, make sure it is well lubricated and in good condition.

-Brake system: If you are going to go outside in the next few hours, check the brake system. Both the wiring tension and the condition of the brake pads. More than one I am convinced that it will roll with the brake caliper open.

-General adjustment: If you have already completed all of the above, take the opportunity to do one last general check-up. Check that everything is tight and tighten the screws to the proper pressure.

Let's go back to pedal with responsibility and conscience because I am convinced that in these first outings more than one will think that the Tour de France is running.

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