News : Where can we now see that long-awaited Kipchoge-Bekele duel?

News :

Where can we now see that long-awaited Kipchoge-Bekele duel?

Kipchoge and Bekele posing together in London

Obviously there are much more important things to think about now. That the general affectation by the coronavirus crisis is punishing all areas, but there are some more urgent than others. One of the sectors that has obviously been most altered is that of sports. And there, as what concerns us and concerns more here is the issue of athletics and postponement of races, it is time to make an assessment of the consequences. Athletes have suddenly seen how their season was radically changed. A spring season that was full, with prestigious marathons such as London and the start of the indoor track campaign, and which has been completely truncated.

A dotted battle

Without a doubt one of the ‘battles’ that we most wanted to see worldwide was that duel scheduled for April 26 in the British capital between Kipchoge and Bekele. A highly anticipated 'versus' after the Kenyan managed to lose the two-hour marathon with his challenge 'INEOS1: 59' and the Ethiopian stayed in Berlin just two seconds from Eliud's world record, by a certain companion yours on the NN Running Team. Not only that, but we had the inaugural ‘battle’ and second ‘round’ also served at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The menu was tremendous.

But everything has gone to hell. Neither duel in London nor Olympic appointment in this 2020. The whole calendar is going to have to be rearranged and right now we have no idea what the elite athletes are going to decide. Well, in fact, not even they know it because it all depends on when the confinements decreed by the world are lifted (a third of the world's population is at home). From there, athletes can return to training normally and everything will gradually relocate and put itself in its place.

A crazy autumn

Marc Roig, responsible for the elite recruitment for the Valencia Marathon, told us that “it is impossible to say anything. An atypical, chaotic, strange autumn lies ahead. We do not know if the athletes who were already hired should maintain their link for the tests that have been postponed, those who were already confirmed in more than one marathon or a half with the redistribution of the calendar should choose. Hard". Precisely Valencia, which is on the calendar for December 6 of this year, will be one of the few that will not be altered. Predictably neither Berlin. Two of those that will release a platinum label that can be benefited by all this. Or not.

The Virgin Money London Marathon has been relocated to October 4, just one week after Berlin and two months before Valencia. We will see if Eliud and Kenenisa keep their commitment or change their plans.

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