News : Where could Kilian Jornet's debut on asphalt be?

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Where could Kilian Jornet's debut on asphalt be?

Image of a leading Kilian Jornet this week

It is one of the great novelties of this beginning of 2020. Kilian Jornet dropped the ‘bomb’ announcing that he would run an asphalt test this year, his premiere after assuring at the time that he would never do it on this surface. “I know that I once said that I would never run on asphalt, but then I learned not to say "never", so if the training allows it I will try to do a flat test ”, were his words.

A season ‘underloaded’

Undoubtedly rectifying is wise and we already lick ourselves thinking about where that Catalan's debut can be in a flat test, far from the barbarities that he usually does between the mountains and highest peaks of Planet Earth. Jornet, what will live a fairly quiet season (In winter, it will take the legendary Pierra Menta ski test, in the spring it will go to the Himalayas and in the summer it will run the Pikes Peak Marathon in the United States) at a competitive level, that moment is reserved for autumn that will undoubtedly focus all the centers of the sport.

The most important autumn marathons

And, as we said, we have to ‘fantasize’. If we narrow down the search next fall, considering that it starts on September 22, there are multiple options among the TOP races (We understand that Kilian will not be released in a semi-unknown test or with little ‘pedigree’). The first option (and one of the juiciest) is Berlin. The best marathon on the international scene right now in terms of results and where the last two best world brands have been achieved. It is September 27. We're leaving the next month to find another ‘Major’, the Chicago Marathon, where in 2019 Brigid Kosgei made the World Record with a stratospheric brand (2:14:04). It will be October 11.

Already in November, the options are narrowing even though it would make more sense than it was in this month or December considering that Kilian said a couple of months ago to the companions of 'SoyCorredor' (an answer that comes as a ring to the finger oddly some time later) that “if I did an asphalt marathon I would like to prepare it for at least six months, but that would mean being six months away from the mountain and there is the difficulty in my case. ”

In this month, a certain glimpse only disputes the New York Marathon, but its unfit profile makes its choice unlikely. In December the big favorite would come perhaps. The Marathon of Valencia, best test of Spain and in clear boom. Kilian's presence would be a media event, too. It will be released on December 6.

All this assuming that it will be a marathon, in the event that you bet on an average, obviously Valencia would also be another option on October 25. But go, in case of debuting, it is understood that it would be all over.

A spectacular essay

By the way, Kilian already made a raid on the track at the time with a performance simply "brutal." He made a marathon athlete's own training: three series of 5 kms each. All this after a "warm up" that was no walk. And is that before putting on his running shoes, Jornet had accumulated 4,000 meters of skiing. Despite this, the times of those three series were a scandal: 14’58 ”, 15’20” and 15’15 ”with 1 km of recovery at 4’00 ″ / km between each series. And all of it in a circuit in which in total it accumulated 300 meters of unevenness.

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