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Which ones to use and for what?

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To buy creams and oils for physiotherapy It has become a trend in recent years. And is that the number of muscle injuries are increasing, especially when we talk about inexperienced people who throw themselves into intense exercise without making a proper progression of loads.

Well, there are many creams for physiotherapy in the market and then we comment on which are the best, the most sold and those that have a greater number of positive ratings.

Creams for muscle massage

There are many creams and oils for physiotherapy available in sports stores, but you have to know how to distinguish the objective you want to achieve with the application of the cream in order to buy the one that can best meet it.

Broadly speaking, we can classify physiotherapy creams into two types: creams cold effect and creams heat effect.

Both are analgesic and anti-inflammatory creams, but each one is indicated for a different time and pathology.

Anti-inflammatory creams are medications to prevent or reduce localized inflammations caused by muscle tissues or ligaments. Among the most popular are Voltadol Gel Forte, Calmatel, Novidol or Radio salil, among others.

Creams heat effect

Hot effect creams are used to increase the temperature of the application area, increasing blood flow and accelerating cell metabolism, thus producing a sedative effect.

They are creams appropriate for heating muscles, tendons and joints, hence its use is recommended before exercise to prepare the body for the effort to be subjected.

Among the heat effect creams stand out Physiorelax Ultra Heat and Kyrocream Hot.

Creams cold effect

They cause the opposite effect to warming creams. In this case, the temperature of the application area is reduced with the objective of reduce pain and inflammation in post training. Thus, the muscles are relieved and a state of relaxation is achieved in the area to which the effort has been subjected.

Among the cold effect creams stand out Physiorelax Polar and Kyrocream Sport Ice, among other.

Are physiotherapy creams effective?

These types of creams made from natural plants have been used for many years for the benefits of their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for muscle and joint tissues.

These creams have numerous benefits, among which are:

  • Prevention of muscle and joint problems and reduction of the risk of injury. Regarding the latter, it should be clarified that the injury depends on many other factors and can also occur.
  • Reduction of bruises and bruises.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Improvement of the state of the skin, thanks to the hydrating contribution that promotes elasticity and muscular well-being.
  • Increased muscle and ligament elasticity.
  • They are an excellent muscle recuperator after exercise.

Best creams for physiotherapy

There are many brands of creams, gels and oils for sports massages in the market, but some of those that enjoy greater acceptance in the sports sector are the following:


It is available in different versions. For example, Physiorelax Ultra Heat it is a heat effect cream and Physiorelax Polar It is a cold effect cream.

The best selling Physiorelax cream on Amazon is Physiorelax Forte Plus, a muscle massage cream used by many physiotherapy professionals.


This brand of sports massage gel is also available in three versions: original, Hot (heat effect) and Sport Ice (cold effect)

  • Kyrocream Hot It is a heat effect cream indicated for muscle massage that favors elasticity and improves muscle adaptation to physical exertion. It is perfect to apply before a muscular effort.
  • Kyrocream Sport Ice It is recommended to reduce fatigue and achieve full muscle relaxation.


A cream to help muscle recovery intensively. Its price is close to 14 euros.


It is one of the best known in the world of physiotherapy.

With this cream you can give an effective massage to prepare muscles and ligaments for exercise and to reduce the risk of injury, although the ideal is to use it as a muscle recuperator to relieve tensions and exercise overloads.


It is an ideal anti-inflammatory gel for muscle massages and to relieve overloaded areas where pain occurs, whether generated by contractures or other pathologies (arthritis, sprains, etc.)


Perfect heat effect cream to apply before exercise (muscle preheating) and thus prepare the muscles for effort. It is also valid to apply after physical overexertion.

In addition, it is recommended for functional training and contact sports and is ideal for areas such as cervical, lumbar, knees, elbows, wrists and ankles.

And here all we had to tell you about the physiotherapy creams And you, have you ever used them ?, What other brands do you know that give good results?

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