News : Why don't they let them do whatever they want?

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Why don't they let them do whatever they want?

A runner works out on the terrace of his house

A tweet from ‘trail runner’ Aritz Egea has made me think. Ever since this almost science-fiction feature film started (it is more raw and real than a radish) it seems that a kind of boxing 'ring' has been formed on social media between two clearly differentiated currents, who feed each other and whose followers are so staunch defenders of their values ​​that they would go to any extreme to win the battle. We are talking about exercise at home, obviously, and if there is some kind of 'semi-prohibited' limit or barrier that we should not cross in order not to hurt according to what sensitivities.

Two sides absurdly at odds

We do not stop reading in the media (we include ourselves, of course) almost inhuman feats of athletes in their homes. Marathoners in jumpsuits so terrible that they can walk the distance of Philippi on a five-meter long balcony. Endless roller sessions in which you can travel distances similar to a stage of the Tour de France. Even triathlete Jan Frodeno has completed an Ironman at his Girona home and in his small private pool. And that's where that thin line that we talked about between those who profess admiration and those who take that stroll of reproaches and moral lessons appears.

Let us live and do the crazy things that please us

Well, as the mountain runner commented at the beginning of the text Aritz Egea has published a message as forceful as izador poker ’. Why don't we let people do what they want? If you want to run for four hours straight from the hall of your apartment to the living room in an infinite loop of 835 laps, who are we to say or to say that it is a lively? No one.

Every being, every ‘runner’, every athlete, is carrying this as best they can, with their internal battles, their moral dilemmas, their intimate concerns, their ups and downs, their short-term motivations. We do not know when this situation will end and we are not used to living with questions and indefiniteness in our routines.

Who are we to blame someone who stays on the couch?

Even stay on the couch. Who are we to set up chairs and almost demand that people move, not 'sedentarize'? If someone wants not to move from the chair for two days in a row because they consider it so and because this way they are better with themselves, let them do it. It is an almost insulting obvious, but it is that each being is a world and within that world it has orbits, stars and a thousand stories that in these days of exceptionality become more unruly than ever. Let them do what they feel and let's stop judging ...

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