News : Why Salihamidzic wins with Flick despite growing criticism in Bayern’s power struggle

News : Why Salihamidzic wins with Flick despite growing criticism in Bayern’s power struggle

Column by Martin Volkmar: Bayern-Zoff: Why Salihamidzic wins the power struggle with Flick despite criticism

Hansi Flick’s lack of commitment to FC Bayern after the end of the Champions League see almost all observers as a clear indication that he is leaving Munich at the end of the season. The main reason is the broken relationship with sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. The football column.

Hansi Flick’s lack of commitment to FC Bayern after the end of the Champions League see almost all observers as a clear indication that he will leave Munich at the end of the season. The main reason is the broken relationship with sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. The football column.

The Champions League out of FC Bayern against Paris Saint-Germain was not only the end of all big dreams, but also the end of an era. Because for the outgoing club legends David Alaba, Jerome Boateng and Javi Martinez it was the last appearance as a Munich player in the premier class.

Since Tuesday evening, it has also seemed very possible that Hansi Flick would also be the last appearance as Bayern coach in Europe’s elite league. Because almost all insiders you talk to around Säbener Straße expect to say goodbye at the end of the season.

Flick avoids Bayern commitment – DFB calls

Flick reinforced this clear tendency with his almost five-minute monologue on Sky after the game. “You always think about what’s going to happen, what’s next. There is always the situation for me to evaluate everything, to face new challenges or to think about how to approach it,” he said, among other things.

Instead of referring to his contract, which runs until 2023, or even making a clear commitment, he almost ostentatiously left his future open. But the club bosses have either not commented at all or evasively on the coach question for weeks, as in Paris, because they apparently no longer expect Flicks to stay.

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Flick: Leaving the DFB and in Hoffenheim as a blueprint?

A premature separation would suit the 56-year-old. This is shown by looking back at his last two departures, which came as a surprise to the public, but were ultimately consistent. Both at the DFB, where he dropped out as sports director at the beginning of 2017, and at TSG Hoffenheim, where in 2018 he was finished as sports director after eight months, Flick was dissatisfied with the management staff and the deadlocked structures.

The repeated reference to the special importance of his family in Bammental at home, even after the game against PSG, fits into the picture: “My family would always support me whether I was at the DFB now and had a completely different rhythm, that would be It doesn’t matter to them. What matters to them is that the job is fun. “

Apparently he doesn’t do that anymore at Bayern, at least apart from the daily work with the team. Above all, the ongoing and now publicly confirmed conflict with Hasan Salihamidzic has obviously worn the head coach down.

According to “kicker”, Flick already informed the future CEO Oliver Kahn in an initial conversation some time ago that he could not work with Salihamidzic. Hardly anything about this is likely to change in the near future. On the contrary.

The Boateng case causes a dispute among the Bayern bosses

Much more, some incidents in the past few weeks have deepened the rift between the coach and head of sport, especially the end for Jerome Boateng and even more so the way. First of all, Uli Hoeneß, as a TV expert, denied the world champion, who had once again become a top performer, that he was fit for the European Championship.

Afterwards, Salihamidzic Boateng announced the end of the joint cooperation after matching reports on the day of the first leg against PSG on the verge of sweating, which should not have been well received by the team. “A trainer simply cannot put up with such an approach,” they say. Others even speak of “bullying”.

Thiago, Alaba, now Boateng: Salihamidzic does not listen to Flick’s wishes

Boateng is the third regular after Thiago and David Alaba that Flick would have liked to keep. His dissatisfaction with the composition of the squad was also evident in a remarkable statement at one of the last press conferences: “Last year we had a team that was qualitatively, everyone knows, better than this year.”

This gap between aspiration and reality threatens to widen itself not only from Flick’s point of view with the loss of the two leading players Boateng and Alaba in the next season. The coach is well aware that an extension with the star trio was rather unlikely due to their high salary demands. Nevertheless, especially in the Boateng case, he lacked the specific will of Salihamidzic and Co. to keep the veteran.

In any case, the personnel planning is the main reason for the persistent, sometimes quite vocal discussions between the two. Because Flick feels too little involved in this important topic. A conflict that also has historical reasons for Bavaria. Salihamidzic’s mentor Hoeneß has long been the thesis that the decisions about newcomers must lie with the club and not with the coach, so that the dependency on them does not become too great.

“You want to be included in the squad planning and involved. We all know how it works in Munich: It’s exactly the opposite there,” Flick’s predecessor Niko Kovac confirmed this core conflict recently in Sportbild.

FC Bayern: criticism of Salihamidzic is growing

At the same time, however, Salihamidzic has made himself vulnerable with his transfer policy. Apart from Alphonso Davies, the Bosnian did not get a good transfer in his almost four years in charge, complain his numerous critics, who are also found within FC Bayern.

You see the ex-professional, who was surprisingly appointed sports director by Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the summer of 2017, as the wrong choice. Salihamidzic’s opponents claim that only the backing of Honorary President Hoeneß will protect him.

Allegedly, the number of skeptics in the club’s management is also supposed to increase, but in view of the division of the club into a Hoeneß and a Rummenigge camp, which has been confirmed by many sides, the status quo will at least remain in place until Rummenigge’s contract as CEO ends at the end of the year hardly change anything.

Thanks to Hoeneß: Why Salihamidzic wins the power struggle with Flick

As long as Hoeneß continues to play an important role in the record champions as deputy chairman of the supervisory board, Salihamidzic should be safely in the saddle. Also and especially in the current dispute with Flick, which is why there is a lot to be said for his departure in the summer.

If one of the most successful Bayern coaches of all time were to be scared off, the Munich-based company would, however, be largely self-inflicted in front of a new construction site. Because the right successor is currently not in sight.

It is certain that Julian Nagelsmann would be by far the best candidate and would like to train Bayern one day simply because of his close ties to his home country. But the Leipzig coach also made it very clear this week that there are currently no talks and that he feels bound to his contract with RB that runs until 2023, which does not include an exit clause.

“I would never start a public war or fight to box myself out somewhere. It always has to work for both sides,” Nagelsmann clarified. For their part, the people of Leipzig have no reason whatsoever to give their most important employee clearance for their competitor from Munich, on the contrary.

Nagelsmann stays with Leipzig: Who are the alternatives?

Otherwise, however, the range of suitable trainers is currently limited. Ex-captain Mark van Bommel would be available, but due to his lack of experience, the club would take a risk. Similar to Niko Kovac, who, despite winning the double in his first year, was on the verge of collapse.

At that time, Rummenigge is said to have spoken to Leipzig’s coach Ralf Rangnick about a possible collaboration before the DFB Cup final, before Hoeneß gave Kovac a job guarantee on the Munich city hall balcony on the day after the 3-0 final win against RB.

That only lasted until the end of October, when the Croatian was dismissed after a 1: 5 in Frankfurt. Rummenigge is said to have offered Rangnick the coaching job at Bayern even after that, but when the courted man initiated the termination of the contract at Red Bull, Rummenigge allegedly referred him to Salihamidzic to clarify the sporting details. Rangnick is said to have canceled because he did not want to work under the Bosnian.

Instead, Kovac’s assistant Flick took over and led the stumbling Bavarians to six historic titles. Now only the championship is possible. Although this is the most important title, Hoeneß explained the Munich mantra in 2017: “But in the long run, a title is a little bit too little for us.”

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