News : Why this tremendous boom?

News : Why this tremendous boom?

Image of the Pica d’Estats with an endless queue

The images that we have experienced this weekend in some areas of the Pyrenees have put us on alert. See a horde of people queuing to take a photo at the cross of the mythical Pica d’Estats it has been quite significant. Photographs and videos that we have been able to see on the news, flood social networks. People bathing in lakes where it is forbidden, waste. More people is usually synonymous with more incivility. It is so.

More mountaineers. But at what cost?

We regret it badly, the more agglomeration there is, the more likely that the environment will suffer the consequences. Obviously regular mountaineers feel a respect and a responsibility towards our peaks and trails. The problem comes when the less common (one part, eye) join the ’cause’. There a dilemma is formed: It is clear that it is great news that more and more people are becoming fond of sports and mountains, but at what cost?

An atypical summer

Taking that example quoted from the Pica d’Estats, let’s go ahead one thing. It is a hard and long route, not suitable for all audiences. Normally these enclaves, being difficult to access and with the suffering that they ‘entail’ do not tend to overcrowd. But what we have seen this past weekend has made us reflect. In an unusual summer like this, without the possibility of escaping abroad and with the prevailing ‘fear’ of taking flights, stepping on airports and exposing ourselves to changes in the measures of the countries from one day to the next, tourism and national leisure have been promoted. And there the mountain has suffered a turn, a 180º turn.

Jornet joins the ’cause’

Even Kilian Jornet, the great emblem of mountain racing worldwide and that has grown up in the Catalan Pyrenees, has taken action on the matter and has published a series of messages on Twitter taking advantage of warnings launched from the account of the ‘Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu ‘. One of the complaints came about the baths in the natural lakes, areas where it is prohibited precisely because the creams and insecticides that we put on can damage the ecosystem.

Endless lines of caravans on the access roads to the main peaks and parks. But How can this be regulated? Restricting access to parks? In the case of Catalonia, the Regional Minister for the Environment has commented that, for the moment, they are not going to take action on the matter and that they will bet on informing people of all the options they have so that they do not focus on just a few and train these crowds.

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