News : Why you should think about your salary now

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Why you should think about your salary now

FOCUS title: Why you should now think about your salary

You finally want to earn what you are worth: read how to make your salary wishes true - and why you should not wait any longer

He or she should feel well. At all costs. "Welcome. It suits us! ", So the track caresses potential job applicants on the Internet. And if someone is really interested in a job, he may wish for just about anything. More salary or rather more free time? Convert overtime into company pension plans? No problem. Rail HR Director Martin Seiler knows that he has to offer the applicants a lot in order to win them over for his company: "The salary must still be right - but it also increasingly means the possibility of reconciling work and private life in the best possible way."

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Welcome to the new German working world. Not only the train woos its old and new employees. But almost every company. From large corporations to medium-sized companies. No boss can afford to baffle the constantly dwindling specialists, IT specialists or even the next generation. That drives wages and salaries - in many jobs and industries.

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