News : Will we see the popular with the VaporFly in the near future?

News :

Will we see the popular with the VaporFly in the near future?

10k image of Alcala
10k image of Alcala

The Vienna floor was the tip of the iceberg. The new Nike models that have revolutionized the world of athletics cover all headlines and covers. It seems that everyone can comment on the incidence and legality or not of the effect of VaporFly and the AlphaFly, this kind of ‘planes’ that have turned everything upside down. Kipchoge put them on to get off two hours for the first time in history and do so by reaching a serene goal, without a tiredness. Can they, as they say, improve the athlete's performance by more than 4%? What is this carbon fiber and these springs that give it an elasticity never seen before? The person in charge of the material of the Stockbroker, Josep Gil, who has already tested a few hundred shoes, shelves them.

Josep, tear us the famous VaporFly

“When we talk about VaporFly we are referring to a concrete finish, which has become popular in everything that surrounds this movie of getting off the two hours in marathon. The first laboratory attempt to get off the 2 hours, that famous Breaking2, were a VaporFly Elite, which were not put up for sale, they were only used for that. Then there are the VaporFly 4%, which also came from there and that are still for sale today. Then there is VaporFly Next, which is the latest version. As long as the Vienna prototype does not crystallize, those AlphaFly, the last thing there are are Next It is an impressive-looking shoe, thanks to a very tall midsole about 40mm high with respect to the ground, 32mm from the metatarsals, which is as tall as other more normal heel slippers. ”

“The foam it uses is Zoom X, the same compound that was used in Monza. According to Nike, it is capable of providing up to 85% energy return which is released at the moment of impact on the ground. Then he has the famous carbon fiber plate that everyone talks about. Mainly it is to facilitate the stride, the rebound. All this put in a very short 190gr of weight. Clarify on this Next that the previous one was called 4% because at that time Nike had a competition shoe, the Zoom Strict, which had not been renewed for a long time and that died with the appearance of the VaporFly and Nike said that it improved 4% performance To define it it must be said that it is worth 250 ‘eurazos’.

There are more models on the market with the carbon plate ...

“It is not the only shoe on the market that has this famous carbon plate. For example New Balance has a recently launched shoe, the 5280, who also has it and nobody talks about it. The same goes for Sketchers or Hoka. But it can be said that Nike has passed their hands over their faces when they put that fiber plate that causes a lever effect. Can you imagine a brand like the Japanese Mizuno, which has been developing decades of one of the best damping systems that exist as it is Wave, what can they achieve with the tables they have? If Nike who are newbies, said with all the love, have bundled up the one they have bundled up, I'm waiting if these Japanese from Osaka, with all the experience they have, get something better than the Americans I have no doubt. ”

If any popular shoes the famous VaporFly will notice a real improvement?

“Miracles to Lourdes, as they say. All the improvements that can be introduced in any aspect of life, will be that, an improvement. What they cannot be is a substitute for work and talent. It is true that for those who are fighting in limits, each at their level, they will probably help you improve (improve what you have already worked on). You have only to see that in any marathon or half the first dress all VaporFly, but Then there are the tanned runners, who enter not so far from the places of honor, some go with the same shoes and many with similar models of the brand itself, more affordable. I think there is a difference with other brands, but certainly not as far as it may seem or can sell us. In the end all the brands of the planet manufacture running shoes and all of them Nike is the one with the most muscular economic arm and the one that invests the most in development.

And these mysterious AlphaFly that nothing is known about ...

“It must be said from the outset that AlphaFly is a prototype. Before I have not mentioned it as a model because it is not more than that. Kipchoge has used them and that's it. The brand does not give more details even if you ask them (I have particularly done it). They are models that surely have to be polished and that thanks to athletes like Kipchoge they can mold them. If you add to this the criticism for that tecnológico technological doping ’and the mystery that perhaps it is going well that it remains, then you have it”.

"That said and by the photos and what is commented and can be perceived, it can be said that it is a competition shoe, that the midsole uses a Zoom x foam, with exceptional damping properties, a return of the energy of a 85%, which incorporates at least one carbon plate in the midsole (it is said that they can be up to three, but we don't know). It is believed that the drop is between 8 and 10mm to continue with the same tonic with VaporFly. But we already know that the outer appearance can be deceiving if the middle sole scales on the sides. It serves to encapsulate the foot inside. Then the solid rubber only at the front, which is where traction will occur. Thus we reduce heel weight. The most normal is the upper, I think it is a mesh with little reinforcement and if you look closely the foot is lower compared to the midsole. The weight is not known, but can only be below 200gr. The last feature is that it is not for sale, it is not sold and I think it will never be sold, at least the same prototype that Kipchoge used. ”

Do you think there may be an "unfair advantage" and that the IAAF could act?

“To me all the controversy of the unfair advantage seems hypocritical. The only thing IAAF has said is that it will "investigate." What does that mean? How long? It sounds a bit like a pilgrim, but we will have to wait. They will give an imaginary conclusion. But as I was saying it seems hypocritical. Kimetto ran with the Adidas Adizero Arios in Berlin 2014 and broke the world record running at 2:55 'km. That was unfair for example with Emil Zatopek? Was Kimetto unfair to Zatopek? Is that unfair to Abebe Bikila, who ran barefoot in Rome in the 60s Games and did only 2h15 ’? Is Abebe Bikila unfair to himself running with an Asics four years later and beating his own mark for 3 ’? To what extent does an innovation give an unfair advantage?

“If we look back we have to see how far. If all brands are killed to get the best product on the market and be leaders in sales, can you imagine that someone had accused Adidas of technological doping for using what is known commercially as Boost six years ago? Someone accused Nike when he introduced an air chamber in his shoes in the 70s? It is a bit difficult for me to locate. In the specific case of the VaporFly I am seeing many people who do not usually think of athletics pulling sensationalism. In four days they will be talking about something else. While we talk, the other brands are stepping on the accelerator. Like it or not, Nike is the one that invests most in marketing. I also tell you that not everything is valid and although I don't know how you can ‘parameterize’. It is a race that all brands are doing; Nike has put together this ‘show’ and they have released this model, but they have given it to the best marathoner in history… ”

When ‘will the other brands wake up’ to live up to it?

“For me, Mizuno, not because I want to apologize to them, which has been putting a plate in the midsole for decades but focused solely and exclusively on cushioning and stability. Imagine Mr. Mizuno if he wanted to go further and improve the drive. With all the baggage it has, all the shapes, the plates, finishes, I think it is the clearest example that relatively little time could pass. I think all but I have the feeling that Mizuno, from previous work, is the one I expect more and in less time"

Athletes say that best of all is how it reduces muscle impact ...

“I wanted to comment that the 24-year-old Kosgei is being compared to the Kosgei that made those marks with 19-20 years. He has gained a lot in experience and his margin for improvement was tremendous. If she has improved it is because she has matured a lot and has become a better athlete. What I find is that you should not value just running with those shoes and the advantage they provided and detract from four or five years of evolution as a marathon athlete; If this girl is not lost, I don't know how she will run when she is 27 or 28 years old. ”

“In the end the shoe that fit is a model that, despite its low weight, has midsole dimensions close to maximalism; I know that it stays around 30mm in the heel and about 20 in the goal zone. The compound with which the shoe with which he ran is made is Zoom x, a type of foam less dense but with a high degree of rebound, so the work of the midsole is clear that it works. And if the total weight of the shoe does not increase, the better. Well, if you reduce the weight and improve the damping, better for your chassis. If one when running has a stride one meter long, if you run a 10,000 steps you will do 5,000 steps with one leg and 5,000 of the other; imagine hitting the ground all those times multiplying your weight and the impact is greater; There is the importance of the midsole. I agree with Dani Mateo that if you minimize muscle impact, you will perform better and reach the final part better. ”

Are we going to see or are we seeing popular supersonic shoes?

“I don't think we're going to see popular brokers and brokers dressing VaporFly and AlphaFly; not at least in the same configuration as Kipchoge. The shoes with which Kipchoge ran in Monza I don't know if they were ever for sale. Instead they put these VaporFly 4%, which is a shoe, but not the same. At 250 euros worth, with the famous fiber plate, etc., to sell massively that shoe is not the goal of Nike. Nike knows that at this price it will not sell them among popular people in a massive way. The ones that are going to sell are the ones that are staggered behind. The 4%, the Next or the final that will come out of the AlphaFly are for their professional athletes, to those who will give them, or to those who can afford it, to those who are dedicated to it. This is how we see them win the important marathons, but for the legion of runners who look absorbed these deeds are, for example, the ZoomFly, which have the same foam as VaporFly but not with such radical finishes. They do not carry the happy plate, but in exchange they are worth 100 euros less. Waves Pegasus, which carry the ZoomX, but not the board. And for me the most spectacular of all is Zoom gravity, which is worth 90 euros but has practically the same aesthetic, which gives the hit by far ”.

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