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Will you be able to improve? - The Broker's Bag

Less than a week ago, one of many Sunday ten-kilometer races was held. There would be nothing special about it unless, in this case, it was completing the distance alone. The Green run from the 7-race #Rainbowvirtualseries circuit, 10 kilometers that ‘punished’ our legs after most of us hadn't really hit it for months.

Nearly 5,000 participants were able to savor those sensations of running (and the competition) that make us feel free.

There was the one who prepared the race, perhaps to demonstrate to himself what he was capable of, the old runner who, in a display of humility, accepts old age and never stops running while his body endures, the one that overcame heartbreak or a disease, the one who accepted a bet with his friends on a Saturday night with a tacha like a piano and got hooked, the eternal fighter and fighter who needs to prove to himself that if he wants he can, to the girl who abandoned the tape running from the gym and ventured with the asphalt, the unemployed person who forgets the bills the more kilometers he adds, and in short, each and every one of you, from head to tail, whatever the reasons that one day led you to put one foot in front of another faster or slower.

We can only thank you with this video and encourage you to participate in the next challenge, the Indigo Run 10k on June 21! And remember, if you are already registered it is NOT necessary to do it again, your personal participation code will be valid for all Rainbow Virtual Series races. And to all those who have not yet signed up, encourage them to join the free trials anytime, anywhere.

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