News : Wilson, from beating the European Record to positive and missing the Games

News : Wilson, from beating the European Record to positive and missing the Games

Wilson, one of the proper names in recent weeks

The name of the Swiss Alex Wilson is on the lips of all these days in the world of athletics. First it was for a sports news. And is that the sprinter achieved a few days ago the European Record of the 100 meters. With a mark of 9.84 ”he was a surprise at a meeting in Atlanta (United States). Two hundredths faster than the continental record shared by the Portuguese Francis Obikwelu and the French Jimmy Vicault. A record that was not finally approved after irregularities were found in the technical equipment used.

Wilson, of Jamaican origin, was suspended after testing positive last April for trenboloneBut he appealed the suspension, claiming that he had unknowingly ingested the substance after eating contaminated meat in the United States. His ban was lifted by the disciplinary chamber of Swiss Olympic, the Swiss sports coordinating organization and the National Olympic Committee, in early July.

Outside the Games

Despite this, both the World Athletics and the Anti-Doping Agency appealed its inclusion and finally it has been provisionally suspended. He runs out of the Tokyo Olympics, where he was originally going to compete in the 200 meters. “The panel concluded that the provisional suspension imposed on the athlete on April 28, 2021 should not have been lifted by the Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Chamber,” the CAS said in a statement.

“The decision of the Swiss Olympic disciplinary chamber dated July 2, 2021 is annulled and the provisional suspension is reinstated with immediate effect.”

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