News : Wimbledon 2019: Roger Federer loses – as brutal as tennis can be

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Wimbledon 2019: Roger Federer loses - as brutal as tennis can be

Pat Cash had a clue. After the third set, the former Wimbledon winner wrote to Twitter: "Tennis is one of the few sports where you can lie behind in almost any stats and still be able to lead." Novak Djokovic, Cash continues, shows this in the final of London. Roger Federer is the better player, but Djokovic win the important points.

Even hours later, Federer's supposed superiority should still be an issue. At the end of the longest Wimbledon final in history, almost all relevant values ​​spoke for the Swiss:

  • Federer scored 14 points more than Djokovic.
  • Federer served 25 aces, 15 more than his opponent.
  • Federer (six) made fewer double mistakes than Djokovic (nine).
  • Federer scored more points when the first and second serve came.
  • Federer hit a total of 94 winners, which is 40 more than Djokovic.
  • Federer took advantage of 54 percent of his break opportunities - 16 percent more than Djokovic.

"It was a great game"

The most important value was after 4:57 hours on the big scoreboard on the center court: 6: 7, 6: 1, 6: 7, 6: 4, 12:13 - from the point of view of Federer. "The statistics make no difference, I know that I played well and that it was incredibly close, everything else does not count," said the defeated Swiss later. Federer wants to try to take the good out of the game. But that would be hard for him.

For Federer eleven years after the century match against Rafael Nadal in the same place it was another memorable and bitter defeat. One that will be remembered by many. "It was a great game," said Federer, who will now take a break for the first time.

He won at least six games in each set and only allowed a break ball after 2:47 hours. But, and that too is crucial: in the important moments it was Djokovic who determined the rallies. In all three tie-breaks, which ultimately decided on the outcome of the match, Federer fell early in arrears. In the end Djokovic had little trouble to save the lead to the finish. Nevertheless, Federer is proud of an "epic" finale.

Federer's record against Djokovic sobering

Federer convinced especially in the second set, as he allowed Djokovic only twelve points. Pat Cash gave the Swiss one of the "best and most aggressive" performances he has ever seen on grass. Federer also dominated in the fourth set. The German tennis legend Boris Becker had already said before the game as a TV expert, Federer have never played better on the green underground.

And yet, from the point of view of the 37-year-old, some statistics look sobering: For the ninth time, Federer lost a Grand Slam final after being 1-1 down in sets. After 2014 and 2015, he lost Djokovic for the third time in a Wimbledon final. In addition, it remains that Federer in a Grand Slam tournament not against Nadal and Djokovic can win.

With so many good moments in the final, Federer's first conclusion sounded a bit grim. "I'll try to forget this game as fast as possible," he said in the interview after the game, and you could understand the frustration. Tennis is sometimes a brutal result sport - this experience has already made Federer as a winner. In 2009 he won in an equally dramatic Wimbledon final after 4:17 hours. 7: 5, 6: 7, 6: 7, 6: 3, 16:14 was the result at the time against Andy Roddick.

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