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Wimbledon: Djokovic, Nadal and Federer in the live ticker

Novak Djokovic - David Goffin 3: 3

1st set, 3: 2: Goffin wins the game with an ace and a sensational slice. 3: 3rd

1st movement, 3: 2: Upside down game. Now Djokovic puts pressure on Goffin on impact, but even in these situations Goffin remains calm and stable! There are long rallies, both players pay nothing! 30:30.

1st movement, 2: 2: And again Djokovic has extreme problems with their own serve. Goffin cleans everything, which is why a very intense match develops right at the beginning. At 30:30 Goffin plays a ball from the half-field into the net and has to watch shortly as Djokovic wins the game with an ace. 3: 2nd

1st movement, 2: 1: Madness, what the two bring here for a level on the court! After a long rally Goffin plays a stop from the wrist - not to get for the defending champion! Djokovic has problems with the precise forehand of the Belgian and has a lot to do here. Two blows of the Serb go out - 2: 2.

1st movement, 1: 1: Goffin gets stuck on the net, which is why the Serb also wins his second service - but again with big problems. 2: 1.

1st set, 1: 1: It's amazing how aggressively Goffin occurs here! The Belgian is in full swing and sets the pace! Crazy tennis - and that already after ten minutes! The joker has problems.

1st movement, 1: 1: Goffin plays a sensational forehand and has breakball in the third game! However, Djokovic is nervous and lets a hard first serve follow an unchallengeable forehand. Debut.

1st set, 1: 1: Now Djokovic shows who the defending champion is. Goffin does it incredibly well, but the Serb makes it even better. After a strong forehand Djokovic just gets to the ball, Goffin lets follow a stop, but Djokovic runs this and accomplishes longline! 30:30.

1st movement, 1: 1: Djokovic again sends the Belgian into the corner, but Goffin also runs this ball and completes it icy cold with his backhand. The Belgian is extremely pressure! Shortly thereafter, Goffin goes to net and makes the volley ice-cold. 15:30 from the perspective of the Serb.

1st sentence, 1: 0: Djokovic sends the Belgian and tries to surprise him shortly afterwards with a stop. But Goffin is extremely fast on the legs and can still run the ball. The Belgian takes an ace and also secures his serve. 1: 1.

1st sentence, 0: 0: Two good first serves secure the defending champion the first game. 1: 0th

1st sentence, 0: 0: Djokovic is happy about an ace, but has to accept a double mistake seconds later! Debut in the first game!

1st sentence, 0: 0: Goffin answers directly with a strong forehand, which is equipped with a good length. Djokovic plays the first ball out, but then comes back with two forehand Winnern. 30:15.

14.10 clock: Let's go! Djokovic served!

13:59: The players are in the tunnel ready and come at this moment on the Court!

13:35: Novak Djokovic and David Goffin will open the quarter-finals of the men in less than half an hour. The defending champion should beware - against Goffin pulled Djokovic from the last three games twice the short straw.

12.00 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. At Wimbledon on Wednesday, the semi-final participants of the men are determined. Serbian defending champion Novak Djokovic meets Belgian David Goffin. Record Grand Slam winner Roger Federer from Switzerland contests his quarter-final against Japanese Kei Nishikori.

In addition, the Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut and Guido Pella from Argentina face each other on the tennis facility in southwest London. Spanish French Open winner Rafael Nadal plays US pro Sam Querrey.

Eight numbers around the quarterfinals day of the men

0 - The Spanish World Ranking-22. Bautista Agut is the only one of the eight quarter-finalists who has not made a set in his previous four games during the tournament.

1 - For the World Ranking-26. Guido Pella from Argentina is the premiere in the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam tournament.

3 - Nadal would like to win in Wimbledon for the third time in the year of a French Open victory. So far he has succeeded in 2008 and 2010.

5 - Five out of eight quarter-finalists are over 30: Roger Federer (37), Rafael Nadal (33), Novak Djokovic (32), Bautista Agut (31) and Querrey (31). The youngest quarterfinalist is Goffin (28).

9 - Federer is aiming for his ninth Wimbledon title. This has only been achieved by the ladies of the US Martina Navratilova.

10 - Federer, Nadal and Djokovic dominate the tennis scene. The past ten Grand Slam titles have divided the three among themselves. Stan Wawrinka at the US Open 2016 was the last Grand Slam winner not to be among the big three.

20 - Federer has won so many Grand Slam titles like no other in the men's category. Nadal (18) and Djokovic (15) would like to get closer.

100 - With a victory over Nishikori Federer would be the first player to win his 100th win at Wimbledon.

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