News : Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic – Hubert Hurkacz in the live ticker

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Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic - Hubert Hurkacz in the live ticker

Novak Djokovic - Hubert Hurkacz 7: 5, 5: 5

2nd movement, 4: 5: The world number one leaves with its own service no doubt at all - and ensures very secure for the 5: 5.

2nd movement, 4: 4: Now Djokovic is serious. The Serb almost flies across the square - and shows sensational blows. Quickly the Serb leads with 30: 0, but then comes back the serve of the Pole, which Djokovic four times can not fend off - 4: 5.

2nd set, 3: 4: trouble-free serve for Djokovic - Hurkacz clearly loses the service of the Serb! 4: 4th

2nd set, 3: 3: Hurkacz hits the ball - Breakball Djokovic! However, the Pole can rely on his serves - and still turns this game! 3: 4th

2nd movement, 3: 3: shock moment! On a forehand from Hurkacz Djokovic kinks and goes down. However, the Serb can continue immediately. Once again!

2nd set, 3: 3: Incredible winner of Djokovic, who performs brilliant leg work and makes a break-ball with a soft stop!

2nd set, 3: 3: What a thrilling seventh game in the second set! Hurkacz plays dominant, sends the Serbs in the corners and leads quickly with 30: 0. Djokovic plays from now on highly concentrated and makes no mistake - debut!

2nd movement, 2: 3: Even Djokovic is not flawless today, but Hurkacz can not take advantage of that, because he himself makes too many mistakes, making it easy for the Serbian to win his serve games. So also this time - 3: 3.

2nd movement, 2: 2: At its own premium Hurkacz can still hold its own. Djokovic has to find an answer to the first serve - 2: 3.

2nd movement, 1: 2: Djokovic starts with a double fault in his serve, but then answers with an ace and a nice stop. Once again, the Serb benefits from an Unforced Error of Poland - and secures his game. 2: 2nd

2nd set, 1: 1: What a rally! First it goes back and forth at the baseline, then the two deliver a duel on the net, where Hurkacu emerges as the lucky one. The Serb scores another ball - 1: 2.

2nd movement, 1: 1: Bitter for Hurkacz! A volley from three meters, the Pole into the net. Shortly thereafter, the Pole plays the ball just out - 30: 0 for Djokovic!

2nd movement, 0: 1: At serve Djokovic the Pole has no chance. No service can Hurkacz play back - 1: 1.

2nd movement, 0: 0: Djokovic tries it playfully, but too often comes the first serve of Poland, which is almost impossible to defend because of its strength. 0: 1st

Djokovic secures 1st set

1st set, 6: 5: Djokovic, however, remains cool, serves hard and puts the Pole under strong pressure, which does not cope at all. Game and set for Djokovic. 7. 5

1st set, 6: 5: Djokovic now serves the set win - and has significant problems! First, the Serb slips out and kicks a ball out - then commits Djokovic a double error. 12:30.

1st movement, 5: 5: Djokovic hits only the edge of the net, the ball jumps into the half of Poland, who can not get closer. Another breakball for Djokovic - who secures this game after a mistake by Hurkacz! Break Djokovic, 6: 5.

1st set, 5: 5: Another double mistake gives Djokovic three breakballs! The Serb forgives the first two, the third defends Hurkacz! Deuce!

1st movement, 5: 5: Hurkacz serves and hits the ball just with the frame. Now the Pole is making a double mistake! 30: 0 for Djokovic!

1st movement, 4: 5: Hurkacz takes the lead and can put on 30: 0 - skin a forehand but from three meters into the net. Djokovic then answers sovereignly - and secures this game with an ace and two forehand winners. 5: 5th

1st movement, 4: 4: Djokovic is playing better and better, but the serve of the Pole is still sitting. Hurkacz secures the ninth game - 4: 5.

1st movement, 3: 4: The Serving Games of the Serbs are now becoming more and more dominant. Djokovic now shows his entire class, sends the Pole across the field and wins this game - without loss of points. 4: 4th

1st movement, 3: 3: Poland's response is astonishing - Hurkacz sovereignly ends his serve - Djokovic can only watch. 3: 4th

1st set, 2: 3: Djokovic is here now! Forehand, backhand, stop - everything is now sitting with the Serbs. 3: 3rd

1st movement, 2: 2: Djokovic now has his third break ball after an unspecified error from Poland, but does not use it again. Hurkacz scores an ace and Djokovic slips off at the next serve - 2: 3.

1st movement, 2: 2: Hurkacz plays a ball millimeter out - and again has break ball against him! However, the Serb misses this chance because he beats a forehand from three meters into the net. Debut.

1st movement, 2: 2: Now Hurkacz has to be careful. The Pole begins to play unfocused and commit several unforced errors. Djokovic is on the spot and tries to exploit that. Another double mistake gives the Serbian the first break ball, which is destroyed by an ace. Debut.

1st movement, 1: 2: Djokovic hits the net for a safe volley - Breakball Hurkacz! However, the Djoker destroys all hopes of Poland - with an ace. After an unreliable error of Poland and eight minutes for this game Djokovic secures his serve. 2: 2nd

1st set, 1: 2: Hurkacz shakes a sensational stop from the sleeve and seems to have even impressed Djokovic, who breaks off immediately. Shortly thereafter, Hurkacz scores a great forehand winner who hits the line directly. What an exciting fight for this game!

1st movement, 1: 2: Djokovic sends the first serve far out, the second goes hard through the middle. Both times the Pole has no chance. After that longer ball changes occur, whereby the Serb surprisingly commits two unforced errors. The Serb is following an ace and another unforced error - debut.

1st movement, 1: 1: Hurkacz does not have too many problems with his serve - too sure is the first service. Easy serve of Poland - 1: 2.

1st sentence, 0: 1: Hurkacz answers the Serbo's first serve with a sensational return and secures the first point in the second game. Djokovic answers with an ace, but then makes a double mistake. The Serb is lucky that the Pole makes two unforced errors at the end of the game. 1: 1.

1st sentence, 0: 0: Hurkacz starts here absolutely fearless! With two aces, a backhand slice and a hard serve, the Pole secures the first game - without loss of points. 0: 1st

1st set, 0: 0: Let's go - Hurkacz served!

16:09: At this moment Djokovic and Hurkacz come on the lawn. In a few moments you can start!

3:38 pm: The match will start immediately after the match Hsieh - Pliskova.

15.00 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of VIP News. So far, defending champion Novak Djokovic has not shown any nakedness. His first two matches against Philipp Kohlschreiber (3-0) and Denis Kudla (3-0) won the Serb sovereign. Now Djokovic has to compete with the 48th in the world rankings. Against Hubert Hurkacz, the number one player in the world played only two months ago - and also won without a set loss.

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