News : Wimbledon: Press comments on the final between Federer and Djokovic

News :

Wimbledon: Press comments on the final between Federer and Djokovic


"Tages-Anzeiger": "Federer may be thinking about his missed match balls for a while, or his nervous tiebreaks, but if he has digested that final - and he's usually pretty quick in that - he'll have a lot of positivity from Wimbledon 2019.. .. Age does not seem to be a limiting factor for Federer's career. "

"NZZ": "Federer's career is not over, and as he has performed in London over the past 14 days, as he already plays all season, it can not be ruled out that he will play in other big finals."

"View": "Roger Federer almost thrilled us once again in his realm and caused tears of joy here and there - at the age of 38. He can still look back with pride on a successful tournament."


"The Times": "Djokovic's epic triumph"

"The Guardian": "Djokovic smashes the Federer fairy tale in an epic finale"

"The Sun": "The 37-year-old Federer will be annoyed because he was the better man in the first and third sets before he lost them in the tie-breaker - and he had the 32-year-old Djokovic temporarily under control."

"Daily Telegraph": "The legend of Novak Djokovic, a man who could probably face a white shark without blinking, is only strengthened by his extraordinary feat of winning the longest Wimbledon final in history."

"The Independent": "It will not only go down in history as one of the biggest Wimbledon finals ever, but also as one of the biggest tennis games in the history of the sport."


"Marca": "Wimbledon has witnessed a monumental finale, probably the best the All England Club has ever experienced, it was a screenplay finale (...) but although the audience was (...) clear for Roger Federer, There was no good and no bad here, there were only two good ones. "

"AS": "We are still rubbing our eyes over what we have just experienced: a legendary finale, the new game of the century."

"Mundo Deportivo": "Without passion and emotions, there is no magic."


"Kronen-Zeitung": "Wimbledon King - A Game For Eternity Defending champion Novak Djokovic defeated Wimbledon's longest final, Roger Federer, 7: 6, 1: 6, 7: 6, 4: 6, 13:12 to win his own 16th Grand Slam title. "

"The standard": "Federer loses epic finale"

"The press": "Federer felt he was the better player, he controlled this duel over long distances, beat far more winners (94 to 54) and bottomed out by 15 points, progressing in virtually all the relevant statistics, but in the crucial moments was Djokovic to the spot. "

"Courier": "It was a thriller, and a marathon, the Wimbledon finals kept all the promises (...) 32-year-old Djokovic showed more nerves in the tie-breaks and remains unchallenged at the top of the world rankings."


"La Stampa": "It also happens to the big ones that they get away with a legendary victory, but you have to be awesome, very great, like Novak Djokovic to make it, to pull that victory out of their hands."

"Gazzetta dello Sport": "Great tennis Federer is beaten after five hours of record-breaking challenge A wicked Wimbledon A match of the century Djokovic triumphs."

"La Repubblica": "The perfect match, for those who saw it with their own eyes, almost five hours of unforgettable beauty hang."

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