News : Wimbledon: Struff fails as the last German emergency on tribune

News :

Wimbledon: Struff fails as the last German emergency on tribune

The essentials in brief: Like last four years ago, there is no German tennis pro in Wimbledon in the round of 16. The world ranking-33. Jan-Lennard Struff lost at the famous Lawn Tennis Tournament in southwest London with 3: 6, 6: 7 (5: 7), 6: 4, 5: 7 against the Kazakh Mikhail Kukushkin and retired last of 14 German participants out. The game had been interrupted for about 70 minutes due to a medical emergency in the fourth set. Previously, Julia Görges lost against US-American Serena Williams in straight sets.

Both games in the ticker log.

Jan-Lennard Struff (GER) - Mikhail Kukushkin (KAZ) 3: 6, 6: 7, 6: 4, 5: 7

18:58: The whole thing to third. Matchball Kukushkin - and this time he closes the bag. Struff loses 3: 6, 6: 7, 6: 4, 5: 7 and fails as the last German in Wimbledon.

6:56 pm: And the same game: match ball for the Kazakh. The situation is coming to a head, but Struff cleverly serves Kukushkin's body again.

18:54: Match Ball for Kukushkin - but repelled! Eintand, 40:40. Is that exciting ...

6:52 pm: It's getting tight, 0:30 from Struff's point of view at their own serve. Kukushkin misses two points to victory.

18.49 clock: Crunch Time. Kukushkin pleases with game intelligence, 6: 5 for the Kazakh, the pressure wanders back to Struff. A break, and that thing is through.

18:46: There is the forehand! Struff sets to 5: 5.

6:45 pm: Struff beats the match loss. 25: 7 aces in total, one of them at 30:30.

18:41: Nothing again. And so Kukukschkin gets the 5: 4. What a pity.

18:37: Very hot phase in the game, probably the decisive one. Struff chicks the ball over the net, fine hand, again the opportunity to break. That would be so important ...

18:35: Stand 4: 4, again a break chance for Struff, the tenth (!) In the fourth set after a passing ball just scratched the line.

18:23: Break for Struff! So, the hope for the last sixteen lives. 4.3.

18:18: It is and remains a close duel, even after the forced home. No player can generate real benefits.

18.10 clock: Struff works on break opportunities without being able to use them. So Kukushkin comes to 3: 2.

Struff - Kukushkin continues

18.10 clock: About 70 minutes standstill, now the match is running again. Reminder: Struff is 1: 2 back, but won the third set. In the fourth, it is 2: 2, and Kukushkin strikes.

18.08 clock: About the condition of the spectator is on the part of those responsible in Wimbledon no information. We send recovery wishes from this site.

18:01: Both professionals return. First, there is a short impact phase, as after a rain break.

17:53: Measured at the last state tennis should have been played long ago, but from Struff and Kukushkin is nothing to see on the 12th place.

17:32: News from Church Road: 15 minutes to go.

17:23: Both players, Struff and Kukushkin, pack their things and trot off the field. Maybe the progress of this game has to be postponed to one of the next days.

17:17: Sky reporter Stefan Hempel reports from London: In fact, it is a medical emergency, a lady has collapsed and had to be reanimated, the entire grandstand was vacated.

17:14: We can not provide you, dear readers, with information right now - because there are none. The game is further interrupted.

17:04: Still can not continue the gameThe situation with the viewer seems to be a bit more serious. Let's hope the best!

Emergency on tribune: Struff game interrupted

16:56: In breakball for Struff the game must be interrupted because a spectator obviously has to struggle with circulatory problems. Tickling situation in the match, but of course health has priority. The referee inquires personally.

16:50: Balanced duel at the moment, Kukushkin suggests Struff pulls to 2: 2, no breaks - the Kazakh has let up. He played better in the first two sets.

16:39: There was more in it in the first game of this fourth set, but Kukushkin saves himself and his serve. 1: 0th

16:32: Struff logs back! The 29-year-old brings the third set 6: 4 and shortens total to 1: 2.

16:23: 4: 3 meanwhile for Struff, who leads with Break in the third set.

16:16: Strong from Struff! Despite backlog he brings Kukushkin with courageous tennis in distress and increased to 3: 1. Is there anything else here?

16.07 clock: After all, Struff braced himself against the defeat. The third sentence starts well, guide for the German.

15:59: set profit for Kukushkin! That may not be true, Struff had a very good starting position and even set ball. But then came the tie-break and there the Kazakh has the better end for itself. It's going to be hard now.

15:50: Struff does not make the break, so it's now in the second set in the tie-break.

15:41: Struff shows a very strong ball here, no question, but he can not dismiss Kukushkin. With a 4: 4 it goes in the direction of the final of the set - compensation Struff or second set win Kukushkin?

3:24 pm: This also means that Jan-Lennard Struff is the last hope of the DTB. He is the last German in the individual competitions. After all, the second set runs better than the first, the Warsteiner leads with 2: 1.

Serena Williams (USA) - Julia Görges (GER) 6: 3, 6: 4

15:21: game, set and win for Serena Williams, which moves into the last sixteen! With Julia Görges is thus the last German player eliminated. That's a pity, because there was more in there today. Görges found at no time to their game.

3:20 pm: Two match balls for Serena Williams, the first but forgives them surprisingly!

3:15 pm: Görges also manages to bring their serve through and shortens to 4: 5. But now Williams can shoot himself into the last sixteen.

3:13 pm: Julia Görges braces herself against the threatening end, but Serena Williams looks fresher in the head. The US-American puts on 5: 3, Görges now serves against the loss of match.

Struff loses first set against Kukushkin

15:11: Struff gives the first set against Kukushkin with 3: 6 from!

15:02: Julia Görges had a really good start into the second set, but now conceded the break and falls behind.

14:43: While Görges takes the lead in the second set, Struff loses the first game against Kazakh Kukushkin.

14:40: Now begins the duel between Jan-Lennard Struff and Mikhail Kukushkin!

Williams turns third set ball against Görges

14:39: The first sentence goes to Serena Williams! The third set ball sits then, surgically precise draws the American the ball on the line, Görges without defense chance.

14:37: First set ball for Serena Williams, but she lets the first lie with a hit in the net. The second she also hits the net.

14.30 clock: Now it goes slowly for Jan-Lennard Struff, the Court 12 is free. That's where Alison Riske (USA) defeated Belinda Bencic (SUI) 4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 4.

14:29: Serena Williams takes the first break of the game and puts it 4: 2, Julia Görges has to bring a little more rest in their game. Not a few see in the Germans given the slightly battered Williams as an easy favorite.

14:16: This is a first exclamation point of Julia Görges. A 0-40 return sand in the second game, she still turns into a victory, thus equalizing to 1: 1 - that was nerve-racking and played well.

14:11: The first game, however, secures the US-American.

14:08: Serena Williams opened this duel and secured the first rally Görges.

Wimbledon: punctual start at Williams against Görges

2 pm: Serena Williams and Julia Görges are in Court 1, the referee gives final instructions. Afterwards the warm-up of the two starts.

13:34: Two days after her victory over last year's winner Angelique Kerber, American tennis player Lauren Davis retired at Wimbledon. The number 95 of the tennis world defeated on Saturday in the third round of the Lawn tournament of the Spaniard Carla Suarez Navarro clearly with 3: 6, 3: 6.

On Thursday, Kerber had suffered a debacle against 25-year-old Davis in their three-goal defeat and had to end their title hopes in the third Grand Slam tournament of the season after the second round. The placed in position 30 Suarez Navarro now meets in the second round on the winner of the match between the Bad Oldesloerin Julia Görges and the US-American Serena Williams.

13:31: Jan-Lennard Struff can sit back for a while as his match shifts. Alison Rike has equalized against Belinda Bencic, the game goes into the decisive third set. So it could be that Struff and Görges begin roughly parallel. Here in the ticker of FOCUS Online you miss in any case, nothing.

13:23: Exciting is the play Alison Riske against Belinda Bencic, because after a 4: 6 it is now in the second set 4: 4. Jan-Lennard Struff has to be ready, but with a set compensation by Rikse his match moves on.

12:35: The start of the match between Julia Görges and Serena Williams is at 14.00 clock, that is already fixed. In front of the two opponents there is no match on court number 1. Things are different for Jan-Lennard Struff, and the start of his duel with Mikhail Kukushkin is dependent on the outcome of the match between Alison Riske (USA) and Belinda Bencic (SUI), which started at 12.00.

11.30 am: After the early retirement of Alexander Zverev and Angelique Kerber, a German tennis duo plays on Saturday in Wimbledon for the first knockout round. Julia Görges and Jan-Lennard Struff are the only one of 14 German tennis pros in the third round of the grass classic in southwest London. An overview of their two games on Saturday.

Julia Görges meets Serena Williams

This duel had also existed in the past year. At that time, the 23-time Grand Slam winner Williams prevented a German final with a two-set victory over Görges. This time, the chances of the 30-year-old Bad Oldesloerin probably be better (14.00 CEST / Sky). So far, the 37-year-old Williams has not convinced. "I have another year more experience. I think I'll take on the matches with a certain amount of sovereignty, "said the last remaining Germans in the women's competition.

Jan-Lennard Struff duels with Mikhail Kukushkin

The Sauerländer Struff has a promising chance to reach the second week at the French Open in Paris now also in Wimbledon. The Kazakh Kukushkin is the world's number 58 opponent (2nd match after 12.00 CEST). The 29-year-old Struff is world ranking 33rd, has won against Kukushkin and an excellent form. "I'm in a good mood," said the Warsteiner. "If you win, everything feels easier." At Wimbledon, Struff has not made it past the third round.

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