News : Win a canicross race running at 2:23 minutes the kilometer!

News :

Win a canicross race running at 2:23 minutes the kilometer!

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Crazy! Ben Robinson, the best canicross racer in history has made it a roll again. Last Thursday, the British was responsible for shatter the chrono in the first test of the world cup of the specialty held in Sweden.

For those who do not know the canicross is a sports modality in which person and dog run together forming an inseparable team through a belt and an elastic line of fire. The dog is tied at all times to the runner's waist.

Well, Ben Robinson and his inseparable Blake were capable of running the 4.8 kilometers of the test in a time of 11:27:90. Absolutely brutal numbers that if we extrapolate them would give us a 11-minute and 55-second record for a 5000-meter athletic test. In other words, run 5 kilometers at 2:27 km.

Which means that Robinson would be able to improve in 42 seconds the world record of Kenenisa Bekele in the 5000 meters.

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Cordination, agility and a lot of dedication, this is the canicross. Photo: Facebook Robinson Canicross

Obviously it is convenient to clarify all this and is that the canicross has little to do with conventional athletics. The strength of the dog makes you run much faster and there is no doubt that without Blake, Ben Robinson would be very far from the historical times of Bekekele or Gebreselassie.

At the moment Ben Robinson is still the world reference in the canicross and it is that seeing him run at full speed along narrow roads with his four-legged friend is a real visual pleasure. Beyond the times, we are facing an authentic example of coordination, teamwork and love towards animals.

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