News : Win a race in Dallas attacking without a shoe with 550 yards to go

News : Win a race in Dallas attacking without a shoe with 550 yards to go

St. Johne, the athlete who won with an Adidas sock and a Nike / Texas Milesplit sneaker

We saw him at a meeting held in Dallas. In the 1,600 meters test, a player with the name of the city (Walker St. Johne) won. The best young runners in the state were on the starting grid and it was the most anticipated race. In the first round, Carter Gordy led after doing 1:05:79; more or less kept the set in the second, which crossed with a time of 2.13: 79 followed closely by Christopher Riley and Austin McCallum. Dallas State Cross Country Champion Walker St. Johne of Grapevine stayed in the background, crouching low, and starting at 1,000 meters he decided to attack.

Last two laps flying without shoe

The most curious thing of all is that at that moment he lost one of his Nike spikes. Far from being a handicap (for anyone else it would have been definitive in the test), St. Johne hit the gas, putting one foot in an Adidas sock and a Nike spike shoe in the other.. He starred in a change of pace that made him advance up to six positions (he had crossed the second lap in 2:14:32) and managed with the sound of the horn announcing the last lap to stay in front and achieve a spectacular victory stopping the clock at 4 : 18: 53.

He completed the last two laps in 2:04:21 without a shoe and showed us that even without a carbon plate or studs on one foot you can dream of reaching great heights. Interestingly, recently we also told the story of an athlete who managed to complete a 5,000 in 14:47 running with some ‘crocs’.

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