News : Win gold in the Pacific Games … In socks!

News :

Win gold in the Pacific Games ... In socks!

Margaret Kuras, during the half marathon at the Pacific Games / Pacific Games

‘Superheroes’, what we usually call ‘Inhumans’, there aren't so many. These are seemingly ordinary people, but who achieve magnificent, almost supernatural things, feats that would not occur to virtually anyone. Not long ago we explained the story of Emilio Sáez, who crossed Spain barefoot and who for a while decided to start running always without shoes. Another story taken almost from surrealism is that of Greg Armstrong, who completed the Ultra Vol State, one of the toughest in the world, in sandals. Or that of Tun Cho, the first Guatemalan Maya that runs the Los Angeles Marathon and, in addition, did it with a pair of caites, as the sandals used by the Mayan Indians are known.

The ‘Queen’ of the Pacific

On this occasion the story of Margaret Kuras comes to us from the Pacific Games, which won the gold medal in the half marathon race running with only socks. Here, neither the hot and almost cloying war with the VaporFly and the AlphaFly nor bagpipes, with nothing directly. The athlete, 20 years old and a Vanuatu nationality, is a specialist in the background and usually runs without shoes. The Athletics Federation of Vanuatu discovered it last year during the National Championships and has added a silver in the 10,000 and that gold in the half marathon. Kuras is trained by a Japanese, Itomi Ryosuke, with whom he had designed a very peculiar strategy: Go relatively calm, as if warming up, until km 15 and then press to finish. And running with socks, although he usually does it completely barefoot.

“I want to tell the children of my island that the shoes, and the rest of the equipment, make us feel more comfortable, but they don't help us run faster. If we win, it is not thanks to them. If we win it is thanks to our talent, determination and hard work”, He said after finishing the young athlete. "Wearing socks was a personal decision," he said. I made the decision because I noticed that all my rivals were on the road. What happens is that I didn't feel comfortable with the shoes. When I put them on, they seemed very heavy and I didn't like them. And that's why I just put on my socks, ”Kuras added. It ended at 1:29:55.

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