News : "With athletes with a minimum there will be 'fuss' ahead of the Games"

News :

"With athletes with a minimum there will be 'fuss' ahead of the Games"

The Bird Rodriguez attends us confined

Ángel David Rodríguez, known to everyone in the athletics family as ‘El Pájaro’, is, like the rest of the inhabitants of Spain (and almost the world) confined these days at home. The sprinter, a specialist in the 100-meter dash, has a young child and is telecommuting in his Madrid flat, so he has had to park his usual training routine a bit.

Hunger for tartan

Well, for this and because it obviously doesn't have a place to put the nails on and hit the boots, of course. He has 21 titles of champion of Spain and, despite already having almost 40 springs (he meets them on April 25), he does not currently intend to park athletics. He is hungry for more and what he misses the most, in fact, is the tartan. That unique feeling.

Speaking in silver

In the Stock Market of the Corridor we have taken advantage of the current situation to call him and have a conversation with him to deal with all the current issues and explain how you try to stay in shape. Olympic Games, social networks and many more aspects we play with ‘El Pájaro’, which is characterized by not precisely biting your tongue.

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