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With Coutinho: The double cultural change of FC Bayern - Sport

  • Bayern are basically satisfied with their offensive play, but have not won two out of three competitive games this season.
  • With the royal staff Philippe Coutinho Munich should in future recycle the ball possession orgies that once gave it to see under Guardiola.
  • But the question is: who organizes the defensive, if the opponent has the impudence to create confusion like Hertha's Lukebakio?

The collective shrug of the FC Bayern started long ago on the lawn. After the final whistle, it then verbalized. "Such a game may happen once in a season," said Robert Lewandowski, on Friday night the most eye-catching shoulder sugar: "We only got one point, that hurts." Sporting director Hasan Salihamdizic said in the chorus of the sufferers: "We should have scored three, four or five goals." And Thomas Müller predicted, "If you do that, you'll probably win nine out of ten games against Hertha - that was one game."

Strictly speaking, however, it was already the second competitive game, after which the Munich went shrugging into the negative analysis. It had sounded the same way two weeks earlier. The statistics seemed to be outstanding in each case: 65 percent possession possessed the Munich at the Supercup final in Dortmund, 64 percent to the Bundesliga start against Hertha, but the cost-benefit calculation was in favor of the opponents.

Bundesliga Sensitive artist

Sensitive artist

Philippe Coutinho could become the first Bayern transfer in the three-digit million-euro range. The Brazilian brings great skills - but sometimes inhibits his own shyness.By Javier Cáceres

Two Blitzkonter used the BVB to the win of the first trophy of the season, two confused situations at the Munich penalty area sufficed the Hertha, in order to take a 2: 2 with the defending champion. Anyone who wants to can interpret both games as an early warning: high-risk football, in which possession of the ball is the central value, can also be dazzling. Because who unconditionally goes on offense, sometimes tends to ignore that the opponent is still there.

Coutinho moves into the center of the new plan

The people of Munich are currently involved in a double cultural change. On the one hand, they bid farewell to the decade of Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben this summer. On the other hand, it is still a few steps back to the past: they want to venture again very much more Guardiola. The prophet of perpetual possession of the ball, who taught on the Isar from 2013 to 2016, is - unspoken - again the model for the new season.

This points to much more than just the king's staff, with the announcement of FC Bayern on Friday evening immediately distracted his stumbling: After Leroy Sané was slowed by a cruciate ligament and (initially?) Remains at Manchester City, is now on loan Coutinho, a even more prominent fine and offensive spirit of his sport. The Brazilian, who was a stranger to Barcelona, ​​is at the center of the plan to recycle Pep's ball orgy worries. It is an optimistic and risky plan. Because probably you could already discover the blueprint for most Bayern games of the season in the first two failed attempts: The star ensemble wants to shine, but will increasingly have to deal with guerrilla strategies even a favorite team like Borussia Dortmund. Will it be prepared for it?

Theoretically already. Coach Niko Kovac was a typical guerrilla strategist when he came from Eintracht Frankfurt to Munich; With a classic underdog tactic he coached Bayern in the cup final 2018. Kovac had recommended that. In his first year at Bayern, however, he had initially coached far too much underdog in the opinion of bosses and audience. At the latest after the end of the round of 16 of the Champions League against Liverpool the experiment was over.

And now, as the club with the personality Coutinho demonstratively switches the switch on offensive, there is the question: Who organizes the defensive, if the opponent has the nerve to stage Blitzkonter like the Dortmund Reus? Or to create confusion like Hertha's Lukebakio? The others are not stupid.

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