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Women's Bundesliga - Together at the Adlerhorst - Sport

The first FFC Frankfurt wins the opening game of the Bundesliga and intends to team up with the men's division of Eintracht in the near future to catch up with the hurried competitors.

By Frank Hellmann, Frankfurt

At some point during the half-time break, Cacau, 38, and Fredi Bobic, 47, wanted to stay in the well-stocked restaurant in the stadium on Brentanobad. To chat about old times. In the men's football. The former Bundesliga strikers had dedicated their Friday night full of conviction to women's football except for this brief interlude to pursue in different roles the opening match of the women's Bundesliga between the 1st FFC Frankfurt and Turbine Potsdam (3: 2).

Cacau saw himself as integration commissioner of the German Football Association (DFB) after the lively meeting of the old masters convinced of his previously expressed assessment: "Who has followed the women's football six or seven years ago, now sees a development." The naturalized Brazilian, who regularly sits on the rostrum in his club and international matches through his dietary adviser Dietmar Ness, who also works in the women's World Cup in France, can always allow himself a professional judgment.

Bobic appraised as sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt with his colleague Axel Hellmann, who will find shelter in the Adlerhorst. The women's record champion 1. FFC Frankfurt should compete in the 2020/21 season under the umbrella of Eintracht. FFC manager and investor Siegfried Dietrich came in convincing work that Bobic joined in his active times in 1998 as the eleventh member of the then just founded women's football club 1. FFC Frankfurt.

The cooperation with the men was no alternative, says Dietrich

More than two decades later, the time has come for the next step - because for some time now, the proud location of Frankfurt has only been mediocre. Dietrich sees it as an alternative, therefore, to hang on the strong men's license clubs in order to raise the highest level sporty, economical and infrastructural. The privileges brought the designated chairman of the new DFB Committee women's leagues on Friday in a panel discussion in front of the club representatives: "Men's and women's football under one roof - this is every club socio-politically good face." The Eintracht bosses Bobic and Hellmann had reportedly drill in the men's round of the board but thick boards.

For the cooperation now only formalities have to be clarified. Dietrich is to become in one year chief representative of the Eintracht Frankfurt football AG for women's football. For the 62-year-old, the lighthearted statement of the fresh, viable Frankfurt ensemble in front of 2,550 spectators was important because: "This was our first dowry in the engagement season." The merger is in his opinion a "dream wedding." His goal: "Frankfurt to make the largest women's football location in Germany, perhaps in Europe." Ralf Kellermann, sporting director of the double winner VfL Wolfsburg, is already assuming that the duel for the German championship between Wolfsburg and Bayern in the next few years, a three-way battle.

It was not yet fit for the title on Friday evening, which was offered by the arch-rivals and old masters, but varied in every way. Substitute U19 national striker Shekiera Martinez (81) scored the late winner with a goalkeeper after Austria's Laura Feiersinger scored with penalties (6) and Laura Freigang (17). The Slovenian Lara Prasnikar (14th and 50th) equalized twice in vain. Nevertheless, Potsdam coach Matthias Rudolph was not too sad. "Two young teams with an open visor to the front, which was a really good game to start with," said the Turbine coach, who does not want to know much about the loss of importance of German women's football. "Essen, Freiburg, Hoffenheim, Frankfurt or Potsdam: We train one national player after the other." The Bundesliga is at the highest level. " In his opinion, only more needs to be made of it. By the way, also with the women's national team.

National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg praised "an interesting and goal-rich game". Her conclusion: "The spectators saw a balanced encounter that made them want the new season." Also ARD expert Nia Künzer is hopeful that the women's Bundesliga fought their loss of importance in time: "The train has not passed us, we just have to be careful that he does not." Regular broadcasts in the ARD sports show on Saturday should also increase the perception.

The 1. FFC Frankfurt plays next Friday (19:15 clock) with the vice-champion Bayern and announced on the campus in the north of Munich the next courageous appearance. "We're just up for this season and can get something against every opponent, and I like to play under floodlights on Friday night," attacker Freigang said. The new television partner Eurosport, which will broadcast a live match on that day in the future, should like to hear this. The premiere saw 136,000 spectators, which may be considered a success in the summary of men's second division games late in the evening at Sport1 turned on 119,000 viewers.

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