News : Women's Football World Cup 2019 in live stream + TV: USA – Chile live in the first see today

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Women's Football World Cup 2019 in live stream + TV: USA - Chile live in the first see today

The womenSoccer-WM 2019 in France is in full swing: From June 7, 2019 to July 7, 2019, the FIFA Women's World Cup will take place here. With us: our national team under the national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. What you need to know about this year's Women's World Cup is available here.

When does the Women's World Cup 2019 begin?

The Women's World Cup 2019 started on 7 June. France hosts Paris in the opening game against South Korea. The final of the Women's World Cup is set for July 7 in Lyon. The group stage runs from June 7 to June 20, 2019, the knockout phase from June 22 to July 7, 2019.

FIFA Football World Cup 2019: These are the groups

  • Group A: France, Norway, South Korea, Nigeria
  • Group B: Germany, Spain, China, South Africa
  • Group C: Italy, Brazil, Australia, Jamaica
  • Group D: England, Scotland, Argentina, Japan
  • Group E: Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Cameroon
  • Group F: Sweden, USA, Chile, Thailand

Who will broadcast the matches of the 2019 World Cup on TV or live stream?

Friends of football in the free-TV can be happy: ZDF and ARD broadcast all games of the World Cup in France (07.06.2019 - 07.07.2019). You can watch all 52 matches either live on TV or in the live stream online, on ARD at and on While the opening match in Paris can be seen on ZDF, ARD is broadcasting the World Cup final from Lyon.

Stefanie Baczyk and Berd Schmelzer will comment live on the ARD. The commentators for the ARD livestream are Florian Eckl and Jan Neumann. Claudia Neumann, Norbert Galeske and Béa Réthy comment live for ZDF. The ZDF livestream will feature Gari Paubandt, Martin Schneider and Michael Krämer as commentators.

Football World Cup 2019 alongside ARD, ZDF also at DAZN

In addition to the public broadcasters also DAZN transmits the women's soccer-WM 2019. The sports streaming service shows 26 games live, including all matches of the DFB-Elf. In the preliminary round and in the eight matches of the round of 16 each game will be seen live at DAZN. From the quarter-finals, the live-broadcaster broadcasts all games, with Jan Platte commenting on DAZN.

Furthermore, ZDF keeps you up to date in social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) as well as in teletext (ZDF from page 200). The ARD radio is from the beginning to the end of the Football World Cup 2019 of the party.

When does the German team play? Where do the games go on TV?

You do not want to miss a match of the German national team? Then you should mark the following dates of the preliminary round in the calendar:

  • Saturday, 08.06.2019: Germany: China (15.00, ARD)
  • Wednesday, 12.06.2019: Germany: Spain (6 pm, ZDF)
  • Monday, 17.06.2019: South Africa: Germany (6 pm, ARD)
  • German Round of 16 (ZDF)
  • German quarterfinals (ARD)
  • Semifinals with German participation (ZDF)

Schedule - Preliminary Women's World Cup 2019

group game date venue Result TV transmission
A France -South Korea Friday, 07. June / 21.00 Paris 4: 0 ZDF
B Germany - China Saturday, 08. June / 15.00 Rennes 1: 0 ARD
B Spain - South Africa Saturday, 08. June / 18.00 Le Havre 3: 1 ARD
A Norway - Nigeria Saturday, 08. June / 21.00 Reims 3: 0 ARD live stream
C Australia - Italy Sunday, 09. June / 13.00 clock Valenciennes 1: 2 ZDF live stream
C Brazil - Jamaica Sunday, 09. June / 15.30 Grenoble 3: 0 ZDF
D England - Scotland Sunday, 09. June / 18.00 clock Nice 2: 1 ZDF
D Argentina - Japan Monday, June 10/6 pm Paris 0: 0 ARD
e Canada - Cameroon Monday, 10th June / 21.00 Montpellier 1: 0 ARD live stream
e New Zealand - Netherlands Tuesday, June 11th / 3:00 pm Le Havre 0: 1 ZDF
F Chile - Sweden Tuesday, June 11/6 pm Rennes 0: 2 ZDF live stream
F USA - Thailand Tuesday, June 11 / 9:00 pm Reims 13: 0 ZDF live stream
A Nigeria - South Korea Wednesday, June 12 / 3pm Grenoble 2: 0 ZDF
B Germany - Spain Wednesday, June 12/6 pm Valenciennes 1: 0 ZDF
A France - Norway Wednesday, June 12 / 9pm Nice 2: 1 ZDF live stream
C Australia - Brazil Thursday, June 13/6 pm Montpellier 3: 2 ZDF
B South Africa - China Thursday, June 13th / 9:00 pm Paris 1: 0 ZDF live stream
D Japan - Scotland Friday, June 14th / 3:00 pm Rennes 2: 1 ARD
C Jamaica - Italy Friday, June 14 / 6pm Reims 0: 5


D England - Argentina Friday, June 14 / 9pm Le Havre 1: 0 ARD live stream
e Netherlands - Cameroon Saturday, June 15 / 15.00 Valenciennes 3: 1 ZDF
e Canada - New Zealand Saturday, June 15 / 9pm Grenoble 2: 0 ZDF live stream
F Sweden - Thailand Sunday, June 16 / 15.00 Nice 5: 1 ARD
F USA - Chile Sunday, June 16 / 18.00 Paris ARD
B China - Spain Monday, June 17 / 6pm Le Havre ARD
B South Africa - Germany Monday, June 17 / 6pm Montpellier ARD
A Nigeria - France Monday, June 17 / 9:00 pm Rennes ARD live stream
A South Korea - Norway Monday, June 17 / 9:00 pm Reims ARD live stream
C Italy - Brazil Tuesday, 18 June / 21.00 Valenciennes ZDF live stream
C Jamaica - Australia Tuesday, 18 June / 21.00 Grenoble ZDF live stream
D Japan - England Wednesday, June 19 / 9pm Nice ZDF live stream
D Scotland - Argentina Wednesday, June 19 / 9pm Paris ZDF live stream
e Netherlands - Canada Thursday, June 20/6 pm Reims ZDF
e Cameroon - New Zealand Thursday, June 20/6 pm Montpellier ZDF live stream
F Sweden - USA Thursday, June 20 / 9:00 pm Le Havre ARD live stream
F Thailand - Chile Thursday, June 20 / 9:00 pm Rennes ARD live stream

Read all the detailed FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 match reports here!

Schedule - Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Final - Football World Cup 2019

round game date Result TV transmission
second round Saturday, June 22nd / 5.30pm DAZN
second round Saturday, June 22 / 9pm DAZN
second round Sunday, June 23 / 5.30pm DAZN
second round Sunday, June 23 / 9pm DAZN
second round Monday, June 24/6 pm DAZN
second round Monday, June 24 / 9pm DAZN
second round Tuesday, June 25 / 6pm DAZN
second round Tuesday, June 25th / 9:00 pm DAZN
quarterfinals Thursday, June 27th / 9:00 pm DAZN
quarterfinals Friday, June 28 / 9pm DAZN
quarterfinals Saturday, June 29th / 3:00 pm DAZN
quarterfinals Saturday, June 29th / 6.30pm DAZN
semifinal Tuesday, 2 July / 21.00 DAZN
semifinal Wednesday, July 3 / 9pm DAZN
3rd place match Saturday, July 6th / 5:00 pm ZDF, DAZN
final Sunday, July 7th / 5:00 pm ARD, DAZN

The squad of the German national women's team

gate: Almuth Schult (VfL Wolfsburg), Laura Benkarth (Bayern Munich), Merle Frohms (SC Freiburg)

defense: Sara Doorsoun (VfL Wolfsburg), Johanna Elsig (Turbine Potsdam), Lena Goessling (VfL Wolfsburg), Giulia Gwinn (SC Freiburg), Marina Hegering (SGS Essen), Kathrin Hendrich (Bayern Munich), Leonie Maier (FC Bayern Munich) , Carolin Simon (Olympique Lyon)

Midfield / striker: Klara Bühl (SC Freiburg), Sara Däbritz (Bayern Munich), Linda Dallmann (SGS Essen), Svenja Huth (Turbine Potsdam), Turid Knaak (SGS Essen), Melanie Leupolz (Bayern Munich), Lina Magull (Bayern) Munich), Dzsenifer Marozsan (Olympique Lyon), Lena Oberdorf (SGS Essen), Alexandra Popp (WfL Wolfsburg) - captain, Lea Schüller (SGS Essen), Verena Schweers (Bayern Munich)

on call: Pauline Bremer (Manchester City), Lena Lattwein (TSG Hoffenheim), Sydney Lohmann (Bayern Munich), Felicitas Rauch (Turbine Potsdam), Lisa Schmitz (Turbine Potsdam)

trainer: Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

We keep our fingers crossed for the DFB team to replace the USA as the reigning world champion in women's football - it would be the third World Cup title for the German players - and hope for thrilling, gripping games.

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