News : Women's World Cup 2019: Netherlands win second place match against Sweden

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Women's World Cup 2019: Netherlands win second place match against Sweden

The realization of the game: The World Cup tournament tree is a crooked plant. While on the one hand the USA, England and France recorded in the high-level range, it jerked and wobbled on the other in Sweden, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. The Netherlands are now in the final, there will be no chance and may be happy at the second World Cup participation ever on the title of Vice World Champion. Thanks to Sari van Veenendaal, Jackie Groenen and the tournament tree.

The result: European champions Netherlands have beaten Germany defeated Sweden 1: 0 after extra time in Lyon and will meet in the final of the FIFA World Cup 2019 on the USA, who had prevailed 2: 1 against England. Click here for the game report.

The first half: From the start whistle the match plan of the Dutch women, whatever he looked like. Sweden sat as in the quarter-final victory against Germany on counterattack, but had recognized that this time more danger threatened from the midfield than the DFB-Eleven. Accordingly, they attacked higher, to take the technically strong Aufbauspielerinnen the air to breathe. That worked splendidly. The Dutch women did not put their three strong strikers in the limelight, Sweden avoided standard situations and came to the best, because only chance of the first 45 minutes: after dream pass by Sofia Jakobsson Dutch goalkeeper van Veenendaal had against the shot from a straight position of Stina Blackstenius their to put up a whole class (13th minute). More was not.

Flat instead of deep: While teams like the US and England have taken full advantage of their squad in this tournament, Dutch coach Sarina Wiegmann has stayed with the familiar staff, except for minor adjustments. An approach that is probably due to the lack of class of the squad. Against Sweden Lineth Beerensteyn came after five substitutions to their first starting mission - and a special task: With opposing possession she pursued the advancing Scandinavians to their own penalty. Disadvantage: Forward was the way but even for the fast player of FC Bayern too far.

Sari Van Veenendaal glances at the post

Laurent Cipriani / AP

Sari Van Veenendaal glances at the post

The second half: Post here, Latte da: Van Veenendaal hit a shot from Nilla Fischer with the tips of his fingers (56 '), then Hedvig Lindahl made sure Vivianne Miedema's header struck the crossbar (63') - two great saves ! But that's it in a game that felt like over 90 minutes like an encounter between Schalke 04 and Schalke 04. You have to endure the slight horror of reading now. 30 minutes extra.

The extension: Former Frankfurt-based Groenen, who, like her big role model Johan Cruyff, plays number 14, shot in the 99th minute from 20 meters in a half -right position into the left corner. This time, Lindahl had no chance. In added time Kosovare Asllani had to be carried off the field after minutes of treatment with a stabilized neck. The applause to her encouragement was the most important of the evening.

Cheering Dutch women

Franck Fife / AFP

Cheering Dutch women

Bloodworth against Blackstenius: Sounds like a cow-cheeked and cultic guitar band dueling on a heavy metal stage in the early '90s, but it was just the beautiful eponymous duel between Dutch defender and Swedish attacker. That's a pity.

The final chords: The Netherlands will meet on Sunday at 17 clock on the United States (live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE), whose players may already think up a few new jubilant gestures. To clear the difference in level between the two teams and not even a trauma like the US 2016 Olympic Games against Sweden, the Dutch can lead for themselves. Peter Gerhardsson's team meets England in the match for third place on Saturday (17:00).

Netherlands - Sweden 1: 0 (0: 0) n.V.
1: 0 Groenen (99.)
Netherlands: van Veenendaal - van Lunteren, van der Gragt, Bloodworth, van Dongen - Groenen, van de Donk, Spitse - Beerenstein (71. van de Sanden), Miedema, Martens (46th Roord)
Sweden: Lindahl - Glas, Fischer, Sembrant, Eriksson (111th Andersson) - Rubensson (79th Zigiotti), Asllani, Seger - Jakobsson, Blackstenius (111th Larsson), Hurtig (78th Janogy)
Referee: Beaudoin (Canada)
Yellow cards: Spitse / Zigiotti
Spectator: 48452

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