News : Women's World Cup in Live Ticker: 1: 1 – Sweden equalizes against Germany

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Women's World Cup in Live Ticker: 1: 1 - Sweden equalizes against Germany

Women's World Cup: Germany - Sweden in live ticker

As before, the German national football team of women has conceded at the World Cup in France, no goal. This is something that can go on like this: In the quarter-finals, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg's team face Sweden, who have been without victory for five games against the DFB team.

Germany - Sweden 1: 1

1: 0 Magull (16th), 1: 1 Jakobsson (22)

Germany: Schult - Gwinn, Doorsoun, Hegering, Simon (Maier, 44) - Huth, Dallmann, Magull, Däbritz - Popp, Schüller
Lindahl - Glas, Fischer, Sembrant, Eriksson - Rubensson, Asllani, Seger - Jakobsson, Blackstenius, Rolfö

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19:18: Some statistics after 45 minutes:

Possession: 50% (Germany) - 50% (Sweden)

Shots: 6 (Germany) - 5 (Sweden)

Played passes: 223 (Germany) - 149 (Sweden)

45th + 3 minutes: halftime in Rennes!

45th Minute: And again it is very hot in the penalty area of ​​the German team. After a cross, the ball jumps back and forth on the fiver for a few moments without being able to clear it. The DFB women are now begging for the break whistle.

42nd minute: Again a long steep pass of the Swedes, lurking danger again. Blackstenius gets the leather, but is done perfectly by Doorsoun at the last moment. At the subsequent corner, it is confusing in the box, Schult is wrong, but Gwinn can clean up the dangerous situation.

40th minute: After a collision, left-back Simon must be treated - and replaced!

37th minute: With their simple means the Swedes are now becoming more dangerous. Again Jakobsson gets a pass and pulls off - Schult can fend off with his fingers to the corner.

32 minutes: Short break - the players are allowed to take a break at 37 degrees.

30th minute: The DFB women have here clearly more play shares and set clearer accents, however, the Swedes are very low in ball possession Germany - which is why the starting stations around the 16er barely exist for the Germans.

25 minutes: Bitter conceding for Germany. The DFB women are playfully the clearly better team, but have problems with the few counterattacks, over which the Swedes come forward.

22nd Minute: Tooor for Sweden! Once again the fast Jakobsson gets a steep pass, shows up alone in front of Schult and stays ice cold this time. Hegering had misjudged the pass a bit. 1: 1.

19 minutes: And directly Germany again! Huth snakes a cross to the penalty spot, where Schüller is in the right place and places the leather against the direction of Lindahl .... nevertheless, the Swedish goalkeeper has the ball.

16 minutes: Tooor for Germany! And what a thing! Däbritz takes on midfield speed and plays an incredible steep pass in the interface on Magull, which concludes from eight meters and ice cold into the mesh. 1: 0th

12th Minute: What an opportunity! After a steep pass Jakobsson runs alone on Schult, but finds her master in Schult. The DFB goalkeeper shows a great reflex with his left leg, thus saving the team from the backlog.

10 minutes: Jakobsson prevails on the right side against Simon and plays the leather flat in the 16er. For a short time it gets confusing, but then Germany can clarify.

7th minute: Slowly Germany takes command. In possession own possession of the team of Voss-Tecklenburg immediately the way on the offensive. The pressure on the Swedes is increasing.

5th minute: Fantastic combination of the DFB women over four stages, which ended with a foul by Fischer. Dangerous free-kick opportunity for Germany from 20 meters. Magull shuffles the leather over the wall, but Lindahl is again on the post.

4th minute: After a corner from Simon Popp heads for the ball but can not overcome Lindahl.

3rd minute: Quiet Spielbgeinn in Rennes. Both teams will feel their way first.

2nd minute: Directly to note is that Popp does not act today in the central striker position, but withdrawn in the central midfield.

1st Minute: Let's go - the ball rolls!

18:21: The players enter the lawn - after the hymn's off you go!

18:04: heat battle in Rennes! On the grass, it has 37 degrees in these minutes!

17:27: The players have just arrived at the stadium - in an hour you can start!

17:16: The lineup of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is known!

17:09: As the "Bild" reports exclusively, playmaker Dzsenifer Marozsan will not be in the starting eleven. The director had broken her toe in the first group match. Although she was back in the team training in the meantime, for a start-eleven against Sweden, it is still too early.

17.00 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of VIP News. The German footballers expected in the World Cup quarter-final against Sweden on (today) Saturday a heat battle. According to weather forecasts, temperatures of about 35 degrees will prevail at the start of the race at 18.30 in the Roazhon Park in Rennes. At 9.00 in the morning it was still cool in the Breton capital.

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is relaxed with the heat. "We talked about this as little as possible, so maybe they would give the players too many alibis, because the Swedes have to play and have the same conditions," said the coach. Breaks are taken during the game, so that the players can drink enough liquid.

According to their own statements, the DFB women are well prepared for the high temperatures that currently prevail in France. On Friday, a record 45.1 degrees was measured near Montpellier on the Mediterranean. In the north, it is much cooler. "The players have to drink a lot and the diet is adjusted accordingly," said Voss-Tecklenburg.

In addition, the players should apply enough sunscreen. Similarly, on Friday also Sweden coach Peter Gerhardsson said: "We are prepared for the heat."

Since Friday night, it is clear that both teams the semi-final draw is enough to solve the ticket for the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo. Host France has been knocked out of the tournament by their 2-1 defeat by the USA in Paris, with three European teams in the semi-finals in Lyon alongside the Americans. At the Olympic football tournament there are three places for European representatives.

The first semi-final match is now fixed. On 2 July (21.00), England and the United States play for the finals, which will also be on July 7 in Lyon (17.00 clock) rises. Germany would face Italy or European champions Netherlands in the event of a quarter-final victory against Sweden a day later. A few hours before the German match, these two teams compete in Valenciennes for the semifinals on Saturday (15.00 clock).

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