News : Women's World Cup: Netherlands defeat Japan thanks to hand penalty

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Women's World Cup: Netherlands defeat Japan thanks to hand penalty

The Netherlands have reached the quarter-finals for the first time. In a match at eye level, Japan had plenty of chances in the closing stages - then captain Saki Kumagai was shot in the penalty area by the ball and there was a hand penalty for the Dutch women. FC Barcelona's Lieke Martens made a confident move, taking their team to the quarter-finals with their second goal of the evening (90 + 1 minute).

There, the European champion meets on Saturday (15 clock, live ticker: SPIEGEL ONLINE) on Italy, which had previously won 2-0 (1-0) against China.

On the left side with Martens, the Netherlands were already dangerous in the 5th minute. After a Martens cross to Vivianne Miedema, they tried the center forward by volley, but the ball was blocked by Aya Sameshima.

Ten minutes later, Martens scored the lead, showing their world class status: after a low corner kick to the near post, the 2017 World Women's World Cup hit the ball with the heel of Yuika Sugasawa's (16.). The Japanese fouled the ball still unstable for goalkeeper Ayaka Yamashita from the calf.

The early backlog did not leave the runner-up desperate: just minutes after the goal, the post prevented Sugasawa from winning 1-1 (20 '). Compensation came just before halftime: Mana Iwabuchi dropped a hook on the edge of the box and then passed through a perfectly timed pass to Yui Hasegawa, who threw the ball past right-sided goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal (43 '). ,

Japan awards chances every minute

In the second round, a balanced game developed with very few goal scenes - up to the 71th minute. Then began a pressure phase of the Japanese women, the minute came to a close the team.

Only Iwabuchi put off with the hoe for Hasegawa, whose Schlenzer missed the goal in the far corner the centimeter (71.). Shortly thereafter, the conspicuous Iwabuchi came to a conclusion, but from an acute angle she hit the outside net (76.). Hina Sugita failed on the crossbar (79 ') and substitute Yuka Mumiki on the Dutch goalkeeper (81') before Narumi Miura scored from close range (82 ').

For the Japanese, the game ended in a bitter way: From half a meter away shot Miedema in the Japanese area Kumagai the ball on the arm. Referee Melissa Borjas decided on hand penalty - and Martens let the Dutch women cheer (90 + 1).

Netherlands - Japan 2: 1 (1: 1)
1: 0 Martens (17.)
1: 1 Hasegawa (43.)
2: 1 Martens (90. + 1)
Netherlands: van Veenendaal - van Lunteren, van der Gragt, Bloodworth, van Dongen (85th van Es) - Groenen, van de Donk (87th Roord), Spitse - van de Sanden (68th Beerenstein), Miedema, Martens
Japan: Yamashita - Shimizu, Kumagai, Ichise, Sameshima - Miura, Sugita - Nakajima (72nd Momiki), Hasegawa - Sugasawa, Iwabuchi (90th + 1 Takarada)
Yellow cards: Kumagai
Referee: Melissa Borjas (Honduras)
Spectator: 21,000

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