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Women's World Cup - Real attitude instead of fabric softener - Sport

The World Cup has shown that women's football has developed well. And that the men in many important points should be based on the footballers.

Comment by Anna Dreher, Lyon

Among the millions of people who are interested in football, there are still many who can not resist it. They have to communicate constantly that the level of women footballers can not compete with that of footballers - even if, as in the World Cup, the best players in the world are on the ball. But does this really need to be discussed, does it have to be compared to each other permanently? The past four weeks did not just show a renewed athletic and footballing level. They even showed that the footballers themselves could orient themselves in relevant ways to the footballers.

A FIFA World Cup offers one of the biggest stages in the sport, with worldwide attention also increasing among women: according to Fifa, more than a billion people have turned up on all media channels at the World Cup - a doubling compared to 2015 For the first time, the tournament was shown by the biggest broadcaster on free TV - just as many watched as in the men's Copa América. And Brazilian Marta was one of the most convincing proofs that such a platform can be used for more than mere entertainment with passes, goals and parades.

Many footballers prefer to avoid non-sporting topics

"Want more!", She shouted after the knockout round of the final against France to the girls and women in her homeland: "The survival of women's football depends on you!" She was struck by what had been achieved for women's football in spite of all the hurdles - and aware of how much is still missing. When Marta chose her 17th goal as the World Cup record-holder, she did not talk much about how significant this was for herself: "It was a goal for all women," she said. "It's about the role of the woman in It's not all about sports, it's a fight for equality at all levels. "

Again and again, the US World Champions denounced deficits in this core issue and sued their own association - something similar happened in Argentina. Thus, this World Cup 2019 was an exceptionally political.

That footballers hardly comment on these issues may be understandable - they do not have to fight for financial and social recognition. But many avoid or ignore generally non-sporting topics. The US top players Megan Rapinoe and Ali Krieger, on the other hand, also clearly positioned themselves against their president Trump - an attitude that is not a question of gender. Many World Cup players did not allow themselves to be flushed by associations or sponsors, to shut up, they did not hide behind the phrase that they did not want to be politicized as athletes. In the future, everyone will be happy to set an example on issues such as discrimination.

Women's World Cup Rapinoe causes flare Infantino

Rapinoe lets flare off Infantino

After the World Cup win, the footballers of the United States demonstrate that they are more than just sport. Captain Rapinoe clearly shows her displeasure to the FIFA president.By Anna Dreher

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