News : World Athletics publishes a list of banned and accepted shoes

News :

World Athletics publishes a list of banned and accepted shoes

AlphaFly had already been banned

Within the monumental mess existing in the world of athletics regarding shoes (and that has already left us in recent weeks cases of disqualifications for wearing according to which model, such as Sondre Moen and his European Record of time on track and of the Swedish Charlotta Fougberg), the World Athletics seems to be beginning to take steps forward to eliminate that uncertainty that currently exists regarding which shoe models can be used and what not and where are the restrictions in terms of sole thickness, plates carbon ...


The highest international athletics body has issued on its website uA list with the brands and models that can and cannot be used in international competitions and so that the brands have official status. As the note indicates, the list does not include all existing models, but rather the most recent and some old that the brand in question has asked to be evaluated and included.

"The athlete, or his representative, must ensure that his older shoe complies with Rule 5.13 in terms of maximum sole thickness. for your specific event and any inserted plates or sheets, including nail plates if relevant. According to Rule 5 of the Technical Rules, athletes (or their representatives) have the responsibility to provide World Athletics with the specifications of the new shoes that the athlete proposes to wear in competition. World Athletics accepts shoe specifications and samples submitted by manufacturers for further examination. "

The AlphaFly, discarded

This means a new era after Eliud Kipchoge last year managed to go down for the first time in the history of the two-hour marathon in that 'INEOS 1:59' that went around the world, among other things, for that prototype from Nike you used, some AlphaFly Next% that are within the list of prohibited models (or not accepted). Other prohibited sneakers are the New Balance 'FuelRacer VIP' and the 1500 v4, the Nike Triple Jump Elite 2 and the Spike Flat 2020, the ON Cloudboom Echo and Cloudboom and Cloudflash and the Puma Speed ​​100 R Ignight 2, Speed ​​300 Racer 2, Speed ​​500 and Speed ​​600 2.

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