News : World record half marathon father + son of Andrew and Matt Leach

News :

World record half marathon father + son of Andrew and Matt Leach

Andrew and Matt Leach form a great team

There are records for everything. Of age, of distance, of covered and discovered track, of route, of gender. There are even combined records! Plus special brands such as that achieved by a father and a son together in the past half marathon in Houston, one of the fastest on American soil. The "work" was signed by Andrew Leach (56 years old) and his son Matt (25), who achieved a joint 2:14:07 mark (71’10 ”by Andrew and 62’57” by Matt). Undoubtedly, two records to take into account, especially that of Andrew near turning 60. The previous record was in the possession of Paul and Josh Lunn, who added 2:20:33 between them (74:04 + 66: 29).

First time in the USA

It was the first time Matt was running in the American city. These Britons become part of the Guinness Book of Records. “It was something we dreamed, incredible. We needed to run very well, to the maximum of our potential, to achieve it. Recently we set the goal of achieving the record. The opportunity to achieve something like this together was very beautiful, ”said Matt at the end of the test. The offspring lives in California, while the patriarch is still in Britain. It is the first time that both coincided in an average on American soil.

“Nice to be here and be among the elite athletes. It's a great feeling, ”says a veteran of these boundaries like Andrew.

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