News : WRC Rally Germany 2019 in live stream and TV: The World Rally Championship live! Neuville and Tänak unchallenged at the top

News :

WRC Rally Germany 2019 in live stream and TV: The World Rally Championship live! Neuville and Tänak unchallenged at the top

From Thursday (22.08.2019) the best will come rallyPilots in the world at the German FIA Rallyeworld cup on. In Saarland, between the Moselle vineyards and the Baumholder training area, a total of 19 special stages (WP) are waiting for the teams. In addition to innovations in the route and schedule, the three-way battle for the World Cup title between Sébastien Ogier, Thierry Neuville and Ott Tänak provides suspense.

WRC Rally Germany 2019 live stream at Red Bull TV, DAZN and WRC +

Also in the media is the WRC rally Germany strongly represented. In the TV and streaming area, there are various offers. From the free Red Bull TV to the paid alternatives from DAZN and WRC +. An official rally radio is also on air with RADIO SALÜ.

See the WRC Rally Germany 2019 at Red Bull TV in the free live stream and replay

Alternatively, you can watch some of the stages of the WRC Rally Germany 2019 live streaming for free, as Red Bull TV also broadcasts selected stages of the rally, in part as a repeat. All broadcast times can be found in the following list:

  • Friday, 23.08.2019, 22:00 clock, highlights Friday
  • Saturday, 24.08.2019, 14:50, Panzerplatte LIVE
  • Saturday, 24.08.2019, 22:00 clock, highlights Saturday
  • Sunday, 25.08.2019, 22:00 clock, highlights Sunday

Timetable, results and track of the WRC Rally Germany 2019

date time of day stage route Winner (driver / co-driver)
Thursday, 22.08.2019 19:08 WP 1 SSS St. Wendeler Land Ott Tänak
Friday, 23.08.2019 10:14 WP 2 Stone and wine 1 Thierry Neuville
11:08 WP 3 Middle Mosel 1 Ott Tänak
12:43 WP 4 Wadern-Weiskirchen 1
15:42 clock WP 5 Stone and wine 2
16:36 WP 6 Middle Mosel 2
18:11 WP 7 Wadern-Weiskirchen 2
Saturday, 24.08.2019 08.09 clock WP 8 Freisen 1
09.12 clock WP 9 Roman road 1
11:09 WP 10 Freisen 2
12:12 WP 11 Roman road 2
15.08 clock WP 12 Arena armor plate 1
15:46 WP 13 Armor plate 1
18.53 clock WP 14 Arena armor plate 2
19:31 WP 15 Armor plate 2
Sunday, 25.08.2019 07:46 WP 16 County 1
09:41 WP 17 Dhrontal 1
10:10 WP 18 County 2
12:18 WP 19 Powerstage Dhrontal 2

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All results of the World Rally Championship in Germany can be read here.

+++ 23.08.2019: WP7 - Tänak again the fastest +++

The afternoon is a copy of the morning in terms of the balance of power in the top two: "Stein and wine" Neuville is faster, at "Mittelmosel" and "Wadern-Weiskirchen" Tänak. This time it is just 0.2 seconds that he can take Neuville. Make 2.8 seconds in the overall standings and form the basis for an exciting Saturday.

Sebastien Ogier scatters another mistake, slips on the field and loses another 4.2 seconds from Tänak. Overall, he is already 22.1 seconds back, but is still the first pursuers of Tänak and Neuville.

+++ 23.08.2019: WP6 - Sport at the highest level +++

Watching Ott Tänak and Thierry Neuville fight for one in ten in this thrilling duel is simply fun. At the sixth WP, Tänak turns the tables again and is 1.0 seconds faster than Neuville.

"I can not say I'm not trying," says the Belgian. "I can not drive faster without taking a lot of risks." Tänak looks downright relaxed and reports: "Clean exam, no difficulties with me."

Sebastien Ogier can not say that. The Frenchman brushes one of the straw bales pretty hard and has to catch his car. "This error has certainly cost us a few seconds," he says. Specifically, he loses another 4.1 seconds on Tänak.

+++ 23.08.2019: WP5 - Neuville again the fastest +++

As in the morning, Thierry Neuville is the fastest on the second run of "Stein und Wein". The Belgian shortens the backlog of Ott Tänak to 1.6 seconds with his second best time in the WP. There is a glimmer of hope for Sebastien Ogier. The Frenchman is only a tenth of a second slower than Tänak. Did Citroen find a solution for understeering the C3 WRC?

+++ 23.08.2019: WP4 - again Tänak before Neuville +++

The picture at the top solidifies: Ott Tänak also sets the pace at the fourth WP, and only Thierry Neuville can follow him. The Belgian loses 1.5 seconds on the short SS and is only 3.2 seconds behind Tänak.

Sebastien Ogier is already 13.7 seconds behind Tänak after the morning loop and looks a bit clueless with a view to the afternoon. "I have an idea of ​​what the problem is, but I have no idea what we need to do," he says.

+++ 23.08.2019: WP3 - Tänak wins the exam +++

At the time of 12: 26.4 minutes, in the Tänak has completed the 22 kilometers, no one comes up.

In the overall standings, the Toyota driver and Neuville have already dropped off a bit more than ten seconds ahead of the pursuers. In third place are currently Ogier, Kris Meeke, Dani Sordo and Jari-Matti Latvala, four drivers who are separated by only 2.1 seconds.

+++ 23.08.0219: WP3 - leadership changes again +++

Ott Tänak recaptures the overall lead at "Mittelmosel 1" by Thierry Neuville. The Toyota driver is 2.4 seconds faster than his Hyundai rival and is now 1.7 seconds ahead of the overall standings.

For the third World Cup candidate Sebastien Ogier, however, it is not a good Friday morning. The Frenchman loses 8.8 seconds on Tänak and is in the overall standings already 12.3 seconds back. "I struggled and made a small mistake in a turn off when I strangled the car."

+++ 23.08.2019: WP2 - Best time and lead for Neuville +++

Thierry Neuville sets the fastest time with 10: 40.4 minutes at "Stein und Wein 1". The Belgian is thus 1.7 seconds faster than Ott Tänak and thus replaces the Toyota driver at the top of the overall standings. There Neuville is 0.7 seconds ahead of Tänak, Sebastien Ogier is third, 3.2 seconds behind.

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