News : Xtep, the new Chinese carbon plate weapons that are sweeping

News : Xtep, the new Chinese carbon plate weapons that are sweeping

One of the participants in the trials wearing the ‘Xtep’

Within this endless race in search of the best ‘tires’ to continue clawing seconds at the clock it was evident that the Chinese would not stay. Behind. Virtually all brands have already designed at least one model with a carbon fiber plate. It all started with Nike and that prototype that Eliud Kipchoge wore in that famous ‘Breaking 2’ by Monza. The North American brand took the initiative and almost the ‘exclusivity’ until a year or a year and a half ago. In fact, his ‘apogee’ perhaps came with those impossible platform sneakers that the world record holder himself wore in his next great challenge in 2019, that ‘INEOS 1:59 Challenge’ in which he managed to get off the two hours for the first time in marathon.

Succeeding in the Chinese marathon trials

From there, Adidas with its Adizero Adios Pro, Asics with the Metaracer, New Balance with its ‘Fuelcell’, Brooks, Hoka, Saucony, Skechers … And this Sunday we already saw the supersonic manufacturing shoe in the Chinese Olympic ‘trials’ indigenous. And it is that the ‘Xtep’ already wear a model with a carbon plate that swept the race for the Olympic tickets in marathon. 31 men have dropped from 2h20 and 25 women from 2h45 in the test held in Xuzhou, as the athletics statistician Carlos Fernández Canet has pointed out on his Twitter account. A shoe model very similar in fact to the Vaporfly (with the same bright pink color) and that will have to be analyzed soon because few details are known.

Founded in 1999, Xtep is a Chinese sports accessories company based in Quanzhou and with a presence in the soccer market, sponsoring various Arab, Egyptian and Chinese League teams. In any case, continue this struggle (for now without much delimitation) to create the best competition prototype.

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